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Yesteryear: August 2017

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100 Years Ago

From August 1917

Normal College needs more land

At a mass meeting of Denton citizens Monday, Regent J.S. Kendall said that the North Texas Normal College was virtually at the limit of its growth unless additional campus room is provided.

Mr. Kendall and Dr. William Bruce, president of the college, stated that the original 10-acre campus has been badly outgrown. The college began with 300 students and now has 3,400 this year.

The governor is adamant that the state will not wholly fund the cost for additional land, preventing the regents from authorizing the building of at least two more needed buildings for the campus.

"The governor told Mr. Christal and me when we visited him with this project," Mr. Kendall said, "that the people of Denton apparently figured they had the institution and that they needn't do anything more about it; that he would never consent to the state's purchasing more ground so long as the Denton people occupied that contented attitude."

Denton has the smallest campus of any of the Normals. Thirty acres at Commerce is the next smallest campus, while Nacogdoches citizens bought and donated 200 acres to secure the college along with lights, water and sewerage forever at $1 a year.

Citizens present expressed their appreciation that action is imperatively needed and that the citizenship of Denton can be counted on to do their part. It was pointed out that the college, which has inestimable value to Denton in every way, had been secured at nominal cost. Ten men donated the original 10 acres and the city's entire investment was the original building, long since burned, while the benefits and profits from possession of the college have been simply incalculable.

Too much melon at Camp Beyette

Officers of Camp Beyette ask that thanks be returned to the citizens of Denton and vicinity for the many courtesies shown to the men in the company since they have been in camp.

The officers, however, ask that in the future when citizens desire to contribute something for the boys to eat that they refrain from sending watermelons. As there are quite a number of cases of sickness in camp, which surgeons say are caused by overindulgence in watermelons. 

The officers are willing for the men to have anything that does not injure them, but on the orders of the doctor, they request that in the future melons be left off the list of good things furnished the men.

NOTE: Camp Beyette was headquartered at Highland Park, just east of today's Apogee Stadium. The local Texas National Guard unit trained there before being mustered into the United States Army in World War I as Company M, Seventh Texas Infantry.

75 Years Ago

From August 1942

Housing needed for Camp Howze officers

A demand exists for housing facilities to accommodate officers and their families who will soon activate Camp Howze at Gainesville, Denton officials were told Monday.

Any sort of modern housing that is available probably will be used, according to Lt. Thomas A. Arnold, Camp Howze housing officer, but furnished apartments will be the most in demand. Other facilities needed will be unfurnished apartments, furnished and unfurnished houses and single rooms.

The first group of officers to activate will arrive next Monday. Persons who have apartments or houses to rent have been urged to telephone the housing office which has been set up at the Chamber of Commerce quarters here.

The cities in which housing for the Camp Howze men and their families is being concentrated are Gainesville, Denton, Sherman and Ardmore, Oklahoma, and the intervening areas.

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County-wide campaign to gather scrap metal under way

A county-wide campaign to gather in all scrap metal is under way, according to Miss Nena Roberson, county home demonstration agent, who is chairman of the county salvage committee.

All types of scrap material are needed, but there is particular need for scrap iron and steel, along with other metals and rubber. Every acre of every farm should be canvassed for discarded farm implements, shovels, hoes, broken hammers, nails and wires.

To harvest all scrap is the prime purpose of this drive and to deliver it to channels which will lead to war production in desperate need of scrap.

Ben Ivey is chairman of the Denton effort. Denton County community chairmen are: R.L. Massey, Pilot Point; J.T. Donald, Justin; B.T. McGee, Lewisville; Virgil Gibbons, Krum; O.A. Lipstreu, Aubrey, C.A. Cowan, Roanoke.

NOTE: Within days, all four sides of the courthouse lawn were stacked high with scrap metal.

50 Years Ago

From August 1967

Mayor hears five ideas from Southeast Denton

The Mayor's Committee to Improve Southeast Denton made five recommendations at Tuesday night's council session.

E.H. Garrett, chairman, read the list of recommendations and Mayor Zeke Martin said they would be considered.

Garrett's first recommendation was that a Negro representative be placed on the Parks and Recreation board "in order that Negroes will have representation since it has gone all white."

Second was a recommendation for two Negro policemen "in order that there will be partiality to no one."

Garrett's third recommendation was that the city ask the MKT Railroad to clear its right of way in Southeast Denton.

The fourth recommendation was that the council use city trucks to pick up trash during a designated clean-up period.

The last item recommended that a better lighting system be installed on East Prairie from Lakey to Bradshaw.

Garrett said, "We ask these things for the betterment of Southeast Denton."

Denton to paint water towers green and maroon

Water storage tanks never have been very attractive necessities, so Denton is doing something about them.

Five storage tanks are being painted to make them more pleasing to the eye. The most prominent one will be the one in McKenna Park in western Denton near Scripture Street.

The tanks will be painted in the primary color of the town's two universities, North Texas State University (green) and Texas Woman's University (maroon).

A contest will be held this spring among art students on the campuses for the best design.

25 Years Ago

From August 1992

Not yet elected, sheriff candidate asks for raise

He's yet to be elected sheriff, but Weldon Lucas didn't let it stop him from asking for a raise.

In a letter to Denton County commissioners, Mr. Lucas, the Republican nominee for sheriff, asks the court "to consider a substantial raise." He goes on to say: "I believe that the court and I can justify a raise to the citizens of Denton County.

The sheriff's position now carries a base salary of about $50,000 and a car allowance of $4,800.

County commissioners have already decided not to give raises to any elected officials and employees of the sheriff's department have been passed over for raises this year. Employees of the department are said to be upset about Mr. Lucas' request.

His write-in opponent, Joe Waddill, a captain in the sheriff's department, said Mr. Lucas' request shouldn't surprise anyone.

"I think it's indicative of Weldon," Capt. Waddill said. "Weldon's not concerned with the citizens. He's not concerned with the employees of the sheriff's department. He's not concerned about the sheriff's department. The only thing Weldon's concerned about is Weldon."

The raise request will most likely damage Mr. Lucas' rapport with deputies, said Capt. Waddill.

"Weldon's going to tell them he can't get by on $50,000, but he wants to lead them?" Capt. Waddill asked. "I don't have any respect for him, and this is another reason I don't have any respect for him."

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