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Yesteryear: November 2017

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100 Years Ago

From November 1917

Aviators lose way, crash at Justin

A flying machine in which two aviators from Hicks Field north of Fort Worth was badly damaged and one of the aviators cut about the face when the machine hit the ground in the Robinson field northwest of Justin between sundown and dark Saturday. The flyers had lost their way on account of the smoky condition of the atmosphere and had also used up their supply of gasoline. While making a landing they were forced to tilt the machine to avoid a fence with the result that the machine hit the ground at an angle completely tearing one wing off and otherwise damaging it. The aviators were carried to Hicks in an automobile and a truck from the camp came up after the machine.

Ad: GONE TO WAR. Mr. S. B. (Preach) Rayzor has joined the U. S. Aviation Corps and I have taken over his interest in the Fritz-Rayzor Motor Co. and will continue to handle the Buick, Oakland, and Oldsmobile. I have also taken the agency for the Franklin and Nash Motor Cars. Geo. Fritz.

County commissioners authorize road map

One of the most important actions at the present session of the Commissioners' Court was taken Monday afternoon when a map of all roads of the county was ordered made. Work will begin at once and a contract for $500 was awarded Charles Schultze of McKinney to make the road map of Denton County. It will show all thoroughfares of the county.

The contract calls for the map to meet the approval of the State Highway Commission before it will be accepted by the Denton County Commissioners. Every road in the county must be shown in order for the county to secure its part of the automobile license money. The county received $3,000 as their half of the fees for the last half of this year and it is said next year's income is expected to be more than twice that amount.

The Commissioners also granted a request for a new road at Gribble Springs. It will run from the Gribble Springs school house to the Gainesville road near the L. P. Enlow home. It is probable that a new bridge will be built across Clear Creek for the road.

75 Years Ago

From November 1942

Auto registration needed for "A" Ration Books

Everyone in Denton who owns an automobile is going to have to register on Friday and Saturday at the Denton High School in order to get their "A" Ration Book.

For the convenience of the public, a schedule of registration has been worked out in alphabetical order, beginning at 8 a.m. Friday when those whose last names beginning with "A" will register continuing through "M" from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. The registration will continue on Saturday when those with names beginning "N" through "Z" will register.

All colored people who own automobiles will register at the Fred Douglass School on Friday. Those whose last names begin with "A" through "L" will register Friday morning and those whose last names begin with "M" through "Z" will register Friday afternoon.

Will Williams, chairman of the Denton War Price and Ration Board emphasized that "Passenger automobile owners who show on their applications that they still own more than five tires per automobile will not be issued basic mileage ration books when they register."

Ad: NOTICE! To Our Patrons: Effective Sunday Nov. 21 No Curb Service. Due to the shortage of labor and of other circumstance, over which we have no command, we are forced to discontinue ALL CURB SERVICE! We, the undersigned, ask for your cooperation: Brooks Drug Store, City Drug Store, Curtis Drug Store, Neal Drug Store, Swindle's Pharmacy, Tobin Drug Store.

Citizens urged to invite glider students for Thanksgiving

The Kiwanis Club has inaugurated a move to have the large number of men in the 25th Army Air Forces Glider Training Detachment invited to eat Thanksgiving dinner in Denton homes.

This is the first opportunity Denton people have had to show a courtesy to the glider students and the hope was expressed that a prompt response would bring invitations for all the aviators.

In order to accommodate interested person as late as possible, Mrs. H.G. Chitwood, secretary, will remain in the Kiwanis Club office until 10 a.m. Thanksgiving morning and invitations will be accepted until that time.

50 Years Ago

From November 1967

"House of Tomorrow" presentation set at Shakespeare Club

Domed roofs, circular walls and protective bubbles are all features of the possible house of tomorrow.

Tom Sylar, sales representative for Acme Brick Co., will present a slide show on the "American Home of the Future" to the American Home Department of the Woman's Shakespeare Club on Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Joel Fowler.

According to Sylar, the model house would be constructed of brick, glass, plastic foam, aluminum and metal alloys; chosen for durability, practicality and convenience.

A plastic one-piece unit will be featured in the bath. The tub will use ultra-high frequency sound waves rather than water. Ultra-high frequency sound waves would also be used in the range to cook a roast in seconds. The refrigerator will be concealed in the ceiling and lower at the touch of a button. Dishes will be washed on the dining table using a dishwasher that will operate using the ultra-high frequency sound waves.

Bedrooms will be furnished with reclining couches by day that expand to full size beds at night. Mattresses are compressed air or foam and the coverings are either lightweight thermal blankets or heating panels in the ceiling over the bed.

Communication is by picture-phone. Television programs may be taped and reshown on a private screen.

The entire house may be contained under a protective bubble of plastic. Solar heat may make a semi-tropical climate possible inside the bubble and may make outdoor activity possible all year around.

25 Years Ago

From November 1992

Perot is Kids' Choice for President

If young Denton Independent School District voters have their way, Ross Perot will be the next president.

Mr. Perot won mock elections last week at five of eight DISD schools. He won at all the schools except Rayzor, Houston and Lee elementary schools. He did tie Gov. Bill Clinton at Lee, each getting 232 of 668 votes.

President George Bush ran a close second by only four votes to Mr. Perot at Hodge Elementary.

"I think it's probably an indication of what they're hearing at home," Hodge assistant principal Debbie Merki said of Perot's win.

Hodge sixth grader Jessie Lawson said she voted for Gov. Clinton.

"I don't really like Bush because he's really rude telling people to sit down and shut up," she said, "and Dan Quayle can't spell 'potato.'"

Lauren Kitchens, 11, voted for Mr. Bush.

"I don't really like Perot because when I was watching the debates, it seemed like he wanted to get their (the audience's) attention by trying to make them think he was funny," she said.

"I didn't buy it," Jessie agreed.

Gov. Clinton was 11-year-old Joy Robinson's pick as well. Of Bush, she added, "I don't really like him because he didn't do much the past four years."

Rocky Monk, 11, agreed, "All he did was lead us to a war."

Though election turnout promises to be high this year, some will say their vote does not matter. Joy does not espouse that philosophy.

"If everybody felt that just one vote wouldn't make a difference, then nobody would vote," she said.

NOTE: In the actual general election, Clinton won the presidency but was third in the Denton County vote — Bush, 48,492 votes; Perot, 39,653; Clinton, 27,891.

— Compiled from the files of the Denton Record-Chronicle by DJ Taylor

DJ TAYLOR resides in the Sanger/Bolivar area. He can be reached at 940-458-4979 or