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Yesteryear: December 2017

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100 Years Ago

From December 1917

No enemy aliens yet registered in Denton County

Although it is indicated that there are unnaturalized German males 14 years of age and older living in Denton County, not one has so far registered with the District Clerk or any other county official.

Under the President's recent proclamation all male enemy aliens — that is Germans — 14 years or older must register and report at intervals to the proper officers. They must not ride on trains or take journeys without permission and certain zones are prohibited to them altogether. Inspection of naturalization records in the District Clerk's office reveals the fact that there are a number of "first paper" Teutons who have not completed their naturalization, and these, it is believed here, are included within the purview of the enemy alien proclamation. There is a heavy penalty for failing to register.

Ad: Send Your Soldier An Army Sweater For Christmas. Regulation Army Sweaters, $7.50 to $10.00; Knitted Army Vests, $5.00 to 6.00; Army Shoes, $6.50 to $7.00. WILSON-HANN CO.

Santa Letters:

Dear Santa Claus — I am a little girl 8-years-old. Please bring me a nice cap and manicure set and don't forget the boys in France and the poor children. And that is all I want this year. Edith Akin

Dear Santa Claus — please bring me a pop gun, Teddy bears, Sandy Andy, nuts, fruits and candy. Now, Santa, if you have other things you could give me it would please me, but don't neglect other children for me. Wilson Ewan

Dear Santa Claus — I will tell you what I want for Christmas. Bring me a gun and a drum, and a little book and some candy, apples, oranges and lots of nuts, and bring me a doll. Bring my little sister a doll and fill my stocking and if it won't hold it don't be afraid to put them on the floor. Hollice Varner

Dear Santa Claus — Please bring me a sure enough air gun and a bag of bullets, a hat like Uncle Sam's boys wear, a lot of pistil caps, nuts, candy, fruit and all that kind of junk. And don't forget the little children in Europe. Jesse Gurley

75 Years Ago

From December 1942

Prompt response requested for furnishing camp rooms

The Denton Red Cross committee has made an appeal to the people of Denton County for a prompt response for furnishings and money to be used for recreation rooms and convalescence rooms at Camp Howze at Gainesville and Perrin Field at Sherman.

"The at-home touch that furnishings can give to rooms are necessary for our soldiers' morale," said Mrs. Bess McCullar, county chairman of the Red Cross, "and it is up to the people of Denton County to do all we can for those boys nearest us."

Among the furnishings already promised is a piano by Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Fowler; a public-address system by Earl Coleman; a radio by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Minor; a ping pong table by Mr. and Mrs. Holford Russell. Several have sent in decks of cards and small games.

Donations will be called for by the committee members or they may be taken to the Red Cross room in Denton.

Ad: LET PURITY BAKERY DO YOUR CHRISTMAS BAKING. Delicious Purity Fruit Cake, per pound, 79 cents. Delicious assorted fruit pies and egg custard, 30 cents each.

Santa Letters:

Dear Santa: We are two little girls. Our home is in Little Elm but we will be at papa's and grannie's house Christmas eve night, 215 East Prairie Street, Denton. We want tricycles, dolls, purses, bath robes, and anything else you have for us. Remember all the children. Remember our cousins, Bob and Durwood, and Uncle Anelus who are in the service. Lots of big hugs and kisses for you, Santa. Cleta Beth and Nancy Jordan, Little Elm

Dear Santa: I help my mother and daddy most of the time. I want a trailer truck with two cars and two rails and a set of erector bricks and some candy-filled glass toys. Merry Christmas to you. Miles Schulze

Dear Santa: Please bring me a doll with hair. I want a papa and mama doll. I want a doctor and nurse set. And I want some nuts, candy and fruit. Be sure and remember my family too. Your little friend, Dorothy Jean Rudd, Krum

Dear Santa: I am a boy of eight years. I have tried to be a good boy and I can hardly wait until Christmas comes. Please bring me a football, fire cracker, a gun, some story books, an airplane, some defense stamps, fruit, candy and nuts. Remember all the poor people and the crippled people. Love, Freddie Hopkins, Krum

50 Years Ago

From December 1967

First Baptist moves to new complex

This Sunday the First Baptist Church of Denton will move into a new $1.5 million church complex designed to serve the needs of one of the largest congregations in the city.

Containing sanctuary facilities, two educational wings and a chapel, the building has been under construction since Easter, 1966. Designed by Gerald Stone, the entire plan carries out an "up-reach" theme with V angles throughout the design.

A special Dedication Crusade is planned at the church Dec. 17-20 and other dedicatory services, including an open house, will be announced later, Dr. L.L. Armstrong, pastor, says.

A 15-minute service will be held at 9 a.m. Sunday at the old church, after which those attending will leave for the new church for a brief service at 9:45, after which those attending will disperse for Sunday School.

Regular morning worship will be held at 11 a.m. in the new building.

Located on Malone between Crescent and Linden in west Denton, the church, with parking facilities for more than 350 cars, occupies 13 acres.

Ad: Thinking Machine--a Royal portable typewriter from $109.50. An ideal Christmas gift for young people with something to say. It's so easy to use...and to think upon. Features that only Royal can offer: Magic Margin Twin Pak Ribbon; Touch Control Selector; and a full-size keyboard. Kibler Office Supply.

25 Years Ago

From December 1992

Large crowd celebrates at Holiday Festival

Hundreds of people gathered Thursday evening in front of Denton City Hall and the Courthouse-on-the-Square for the Holiday Lighting Festival of Downtown Denton.

About 5:30, Fred Patterson, publisher of the Denton Record-Chronicle and co-chairman of the Denton Holiday Association, welcomed the crowd.

"It's typical December weather, and certainly ought to give us a Christmasy feeling," he said.

During the last five years, the association has raised more than $57,000 for decorations through its annual Christmas in July fundraising events.

"It's great to have all of us together," Mayor Bob Castleberry said. "This is a tremendous season of the year. We all have a lot to be thankful for."

Mayor Castleberry and Stephanie Meier, a 9-year-old from McNair Elementary School, then lighted the city's 22-foot eastern red cedar.

At the courthouse, County Judge Jeff Moseley introduced the Al Walker family during the dedication of the Lee Walker Tree.

The 17-foot eastern red cedar was named in honor of the late commissioner, who died in July. The idea for the tree was proposed in October by Chuck and Debbie Tucker of Sanger.

"There used to be a tree where the one we are about to dedicate," Judge Mosely said. "It was one of Commissioner Walker's dreams to get the tree replaced."

— Compiled from the files of the Denton Record-Chronicle by DJ Taylor

DJ TAYLOR resides in the Sanger/Bolivar area. He can be reached at 940-458-4979 or