Walter E. Williams: Historical precedent for nation's purification

In 2008, Barack Obama promised a fundamental transformation of America. Where that promise has gone unfulfilled the most is in areas of sexual and racial discrimination. What’s worse is the official sanction given to such discrimination. Let’s look at some of it.

Froma Harrop: Is Trump using election to build his brand?

What’s Donald Trump really up to? Is he using the election of 2016 to enrich himself, with no intention of assuming the burdens of the presidency? Many wonder.

Trudy Rubin: EU continues to fail on immigration issues

In this sour campaign season, where the immigration issue has turned so ugly, it’s instructive to watch the European debate over migrants.That debate should make Americans realize how lucky we are.

Steve Chapman: Orlando prompts irrelevant remedies

In the aftermath of the mass shooting in Orlando, our leaders have shown a talent for devising remedies that are clear, simple and irrelevant. One politician after another has stepped forward with remedies that would not actually have stopped or appreciably hindered Omar Mateen from carrying out his slaughter.

Leonard Pitts: Comparison of Trump to Hitler not far-fetched

Yes, Hitler. Some of you questioned my evocation of history’s great villain in a recent column on House Speaker Paul Ryan’s surrender to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Kathleen Parker: The Donald targets U.S. evangelicals

WASHINGTON — If you turned on cable TV news recently, chances are good that you caught Corey Lewandowski fibbing that he doesn’t have a clue why Donald Trump fired him as his campaign manager. Of course he knows.

Thomas Sowell: Facts expose gun-control farce pushed in America

Surely murder is a serious subject, which ought to be examined seriously. Instead, it is almost always examined politically in the context of gun control controversies, with stock arguments on both sides that have remained the same for decades.

Clarence Page: Do gay Muslims in U.S. face double jeopardy?

One day in the late 1950s on a golf course with actor-comedian Jack Benny, song-and-dance man Sammy Davis Jr. was asked what was his handicap. “Talk about handicap,” said Davis, according to various sources. “I’m a one-eyed Negro Jew.”

Jonah Goldberg: Political distractions abound in the wake of Orlando

What a dumb time to be alive. In a normal country during normal times, the jihadi terrorist shooting in Orlando in which 49 people were murdered in cold blood — and more than 50 injured — would be a cause for a serious debate about national security.

Froma Harrop: Cultural case fro Britain's EU exit deserves more respect

It’s not all about money. The economic arguments for Britain to stay in the European Union may be compelling, but the noneconomic ones demand respect. Preserving a way of life is a valid desire — and one widely shared.

Doyle McManus: A campaign, or a clash of civilizations?

The general election campaign has barely started, and it’s already turned into a clash of civilizations. Not a clash between Islamic and Judeo-Christian civilization, though Donald Trump sometimes makes it sound that way. Instead, it’s a battle between two different views of American civilization. Are we teetering anxiously on the edge of destruction? Or are we still optimistic despite recurring terrorism and mass violence?

Rudy Seward and Michael Rush: U.S. companies lag behind world in paternal benefits

Support has swelled worldwide for fathers to become more involved with their newborns. Advocacy groups and policy makers have pushed for employment leave options to promote opportunities for fathers to...

Mary Sanchez: After Orlando, more genuine dialogue on policy needed

Omar Mateen may have committed the worst gun mass murder in U.S. history, but his terrorist act will change little in America.

Walter E. Williams: Big money flies around in Washington politics

According to a New York Post article (May 22), in just two years, Hillary Clinton — former first lady, senator from New York and secretary of state — collected over $21 million in speaking fees. These...

Kathleen Parker: Freedom to kill, permission to die

It was inevitable that we would one day seek ways to kill ourselves with society’s blessing.

Trudy Rubin: A huge step back if Britain votes not to remain in EU

Does the West still exist? And do we need it?

Steve Chapman: Carrying guns an issue for the Supreme Court, the electorate

If there is any issue that could intensify the emotions and raise the stakes in the 2016 presidential election, it’s guns. That issue just got cranked up to 11.

Leonard Pitts: Fix culture that makes a Brock Turner possible

This is a column about the value of six. Actually, it’s about three individual sixes and their values. The first six came after a 23-year-old woman spoke in court to address the man who raped her last year, who took her out behind the dumpsters and penetrated her with his fingers after she had a lot to drink and passed out at a party. He might have gone further, except he was spotted by two passersby who tackled him when he tried to run.

Froma Harrop: Social media warp politics

“The Bernie Bros are out in full force harassing female reporters,” according to a recent headline on The Washington Post’s website. Why did the author conclude that the “Bernie Bros” were acting badly?

Jonah Goldberg: The last ting progressives want is honest conversation

Conversations! Glorious conversations! What more can you ask for?

Clarence Page: Campaign 2016 turns into a Twitter fight

As presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump got into a Twitter fight with newly crowned presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, any hope for reasoned discourse in Campaign 2016 seemed to fly out the window.

Thomas Sowell: People need challenges to live lives more fully

Too many social problems are conceived of in terms of what ‘‘we’’ can do for ‘‘them.’’ After decades of massive expansions of the welfare state, the answer seems to range from ‘‘not very much’’ to ‘‘making matters worse.’’

Linda Chavez: Trump keeps on shooting self in foot

Does Donald Trump want to be president? It’s a serious question. Yes, he wants to win more votes than anyone else. He wants the biggest bully pulpit available — one aptly named, in his case.

Froma Harrop: The Donald presidency would sink all boats

Hello, investors. Come join the foreign policy experts in daily panic attacks over what a President Donald Trump would mean for your world. What does one do about a candidate whose tax plan would send America into the fiscal abyss — who flaps lips about not making good on the national debt?

Mary Sanchez: Is Trump taking pro-life movement for a ride?

The issues that will define the upcoming presidential election are anybody’s guess. Each candidate has his or her ethical lapses.

Steve Chapman: President prolongs wars U.S. cannot win

Barack Obama came into office intending to correct his predecessor’s biggest mistakes by ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ross Ramsey: GOP forms restroom line

So, the lieutenant governor of Texas — who missed a round of headlines regarding the state’s Game of Thrones bathroom battle with the federal government — is asking the state’s top lawyer, a fellow conservative Republican, for an official opinion on whether Texas school districts should follow a federal directive on how to handle potty breaks and locker room visits for transgender students.

Kathleen Parker: Farewell to the Florida of the past

ORLANDO — Standing on my hotel balcony in the predawn hours, I gaze out over several dimly illuminated swimming pools abutting a small manmade lake and a golf course.

Leonard Pitts: Von Papen was wrong, and so is Paul Ryan

In 1933, Franz von Papen was hungry for revenge. Having been ousted as chancellor of Germany through political subterfuge, he wanted payback against the former ally who had succeeded him.

Walter E. Williams: Arrogance of elites can cost people jobs

A basic economic premise holds that when the price of something rises, people seek to economize on its use. They seek substitutes for that which has risen in price.

Thomas Sowell: People should work to payfor their needs

Among the many disturbing signs of our times are conservatives and libertarians of high intelligence and high principles who are advocating government programs that relieve people of the necessity of working to provide their own livelihoods.

Clarence Page: Muhammad Ali’s actionshelped change world

Of all the riveting stories that made up Muhammad Ali’s amazing and controversial life, the most intriguing to me is how well he performed despite testing poorly in school.

Mary Sanchez: Congress must act to save Central States Pension Fund

There are two ways to tell the tale of the Central States Pension Fund.

Jonah Goldberg: Couric more reality TV star than a real journalist

In these days of news cycles measured in minutes, if not seconds, the Katie Couric scandal may seem almost as stale as Katie Couric herself. But bear with me. It’s a big deal, and not just because she lied. But let’s begin with the lie.

Froma Harrop: The Donald’s suckers need to believe story

Here is how Donald Trump suckers the little people. What follows is a telling of his methods, not commentary on his lack of scruples.

Kathleen Parker: Obama's legacy one of fantasy

WASHINGTON — As Barack Obama’s presidency takes a backseat to the psychodrama known as the 2016 election, historians, speculators and revisionists are busy writing his presidential epitaph.

Linda Chavez: The Donald treads on Constitution

A recent scathing report from the State Department’s inspector general on Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for government business would have ignited more of a media firestorm than it did had Donald Trump not done what he does best: sucked up all the oxygen with his outrageous behavior.

Leonard Pitts: History not obliged to make you feel good

Dear Snoop Dogg: You could have been honest about it. If you had, I’d still think you wrong as two left shoes, but at least I could give you points for guts.

Eddie Reyes: Technology key to grow Hispanic-owned firms

Texas ranks second in the United States in the number of Hispanic-owned businesses.

Steve Chapman: Old tactics used to insult transgender people in the U.S.

When I was a lad, I often heard jokes about blacks, Latinos and gays, who were regarded as amusing because of their supposed inferiority and defectiveness.

Susan Estrich: Race for Democratic nomination over

Math was actually my best subject, until seventh grade, when I was the only girl on the math team: As if it were on the intercom, I heard loud and clear that girls weren’t supposed to be good at math.

Jonah Goldberg: Adherents of Constitution need new political home

Ross Ramsey: Texans pay expense with no explanation

Should taxpayers pay severance to state employees to take the sting out of unexpected job losses or to protect the uncovered tails of the elected officeholders who fire them?

Walter E. Williams: Arrogance of elites harms U.S.

White teenage unemployment is about 14 percent. That for black teenagers is about 30 percent.

Kathleen Parker: America no longer one nation, indivisible

OXFORD, Md. — It was such a marvelous idea: The United States of America. Obviously, we’ve never really pulled it all together under one hat, but it has always seemed that at least we were striving for a more perfect union.

Perry McNeill: Renewable Denton Plan best path for city

The objective of this column is to examine the rationale as to why Denton Municipal Electric (DME) should build two gas-fired power plants to serve city of Denton ratepayers.

Other Voices

Mary Sanchez: Latinos know America better than Trump

News from the campaign trail has Latinos across America cringing.

Froma Harrop: Former ‘dead-ender’ feels Sanders supporters’ pain

Bernie Sanders is clearly winding down his campaign for the Democratic nomination.

Thomas Sowell: Socialism falls apart when facts considered

Socialism sounds great. It has always sounded great. And it will probably always continue to sound great.