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Bill Patterson: Denton Media Company ready to roll into future

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Bill Patterson, Publisher, CEO Denton Media Company

Good morning, Denton County. And happy New Year.

The ink is dry on the contract and I am now the new owner of Denton Media Company Inc., which publishes this newspaper and

Bill Patterson
Bill Patterson

Here's a little background for those of you who may be new to the community. Riley and Vivian Cross, my grandparents, bought the Denton Record-Chronicle after World War II. Then, in 1999, my family sold it to Dallas-based A.H. Belo Corporation, which publishes The Dallas Morning News.

I remained publisher and CEO of the Record-Chronicle while reporting to Belo executives in Dallas for 18 years. Now the buck stops with me here in Denton. What this means is that the newspaper and our company are coming home!

I'm excited about the opportunities on the horizon in 2018. As many of you know, we are no longer just a printed newspaper. We are a media company that reaches every demographic category. Between our website and the newspaper, we reach more people than we ever did during the best years of newspapers.

To be sure, we still have a lot of print subscribers, but many more eyeballs are on Our website attracts roughly 250,000 unique visitors a month. Together, they consume 1 million pages.

We have nearly 40,000 Facebook friends and 10,000 Twitter followers.

Our advertising sales staff can help any business reach its desired audience. Their focus is assisting local businesses in northern Denton County with affordable advertising programs targeted to their customers.

Our bread and butter is local news, sports, business, arts and entertainment. We are constantly looking for new and better ways to bring you news and information.

For example, we recently launched "Wake Up with the DRC," a digital newsletter. We've gotten a lot of positive feedback from the 37,000 people who receive it in their inbox each morning.

We want to stay on top of the rapidly changing media landscape. But some things never change. We continue to look for great stories about life in Denton and about the best ways to navigate the future.

A couple of months ago, right after the initial news that I was buying back the company from Belo, I asked for your thoughts and ideas. I heard from a lot of you and received some good feedback. To my knowledge, I responded to everyone who took the time to write me.

I'm still taking comments at

Denton Media Company's new journey officially begins tomorrow. To accomplish what you and I want, we have a lot to do. We will be installing a whole new infrastructure to help our newsroom respond to breaking news more quickly and push the news out to you in easy-to-read presentations.

We'll review the overall design of the printed newspaper and and adopt the best practices for posting on social media.

We are also looking at expanding into magazine publishing and other niche publications that bring you local coverage in different and better ways.

We are putting the wheels in motion. Hang on for a fun ride.