Donna Fielder: Join me, friends, as I turn the page of life

I have something to tell you, and it’s going to be hard. This is my final column in the Denton Record-Chronicle. This has been my last week with the newspaper I have been a part of for more than 33 years.

‘Off the wall’ spackle

I ran across one of my favorite columns today when I was looking back through my file labeled “Off the wall.”

Donna Fielder: Be on the lookout for woman in Infiniti

There may be a warrant out for my arrest. Or a BOLO (Don’t you just love that sexy cop talk? I owe it all to Rizzoli & Isles.)

Donna Fielder: Shopping gene links women in family

“I slept with my new purse and took it with me to the potty and to get coffee,” my daughter informed me. Ahhhhh, she has the gene. As far back as my grandmother, Flossie (“Bossie” to those who loved her) Dutton, the women of my family have loved to shop, particularly for shoes and handbags.

Donna Fielder: Cool ideas fall short of bringing in big bucks

I may have dozed off in my recliner and dreamed it this morning when I thought I was watching the morning news, but I think I was awake and viewing a stunning new addition to the I-this-and-I-that population. It was hailed as the latest thing (and we all know we have to have the very latest I-thing) in electronics.

Donna Fielder: Grown children make for fun copy

My daughter insists that I come clean, and I suppose she’s right. OK, last week when I wrote about the unfortunate exploding black cherry Jell-O cola salad incident, I was wrong about her bringing the goofy-looking guy to the family get-together.

Donna Fielder: Gelatin not glue that binds family

You know how it is sometimes, when you’re doing something and part of yourself is doing it and the other part of yourself is levitating about a foot over your head watching what you’re doing and saying, “Oh, this is going to be bad.”

Donna Fielder: Pat Boone’s phone pitch in one ear, out other

I heard from Pat Boone one day last week. He said to ask you how’s your mom-n-nem.

Donna Fielder: Following the path less taken

Their young faces are more weathered now, and they've grown mustaches and beards and calluses on their feet. The smiles under the facial hair are just as big in photos on their Facebook pages as the day before they left home.

Donna Fielder: Wellspring of comfort, adventure on way out

The shelves are beginning to show some empty spots now and there are stacks of pallets lined up for shipping things away. There’s a sign in Hastings’ front window announcing something I never wanted to see. “Store closing,” it reads; the number of days that I can visit my favorite bookstore and coffee shop are finite.

Donna Fielder: Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey way to work in bathroom

Donna Fielder: Pets have ‘master’ trained to perfection

“It is apparent, Donna Kaye, that the inmates are running the asylum over there.”

Donna Fielder: Traveling with Lucy a test of patience

I blame Irving for the whole thing. Let’s face it, with all that construction going on, you can’t get to anywhere from Irving, and certainly not Fredericksburg.

Donna Fielder: Dad’s life revolved around his true love

They were married on Groundhog Day, 1946. Dad had just shipped home from World War II, an unwilling tourist in Africa, Italy, Germany and France.

Donna Fielder: Fat bumps get probe

There has been a development on Hickory Street at Carroll Boulevard. Something of import has happened, and I don’t know why. What’s more, I’m afraid to ask.

Donna Fielder: Give me liberty and a big Slurpee

Goodbye, Big Gulp. So long super Slurpee. New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg is criminalizing soft drinks over the size of 16 ounces. And if it becomes the law of the land in the Big Apple, how soon will it seep into the Lone Star State?

Donna Fielder: Trio to raise funds for Wounded Warriors

Jacob Mills and two of his buddies are poised to embark on a great journey — a march across the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia that encompasses 14 states and 2,100 miles.

Donna Fielder: Lexie can’t be dead, she’s just visiting the Bahamas

Christi and I have firmly rejected the idea that Lexie is dead. We texted each other all through the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday night with pithy comments about the stupidity of that many overeducated people sitting around a crashed airplane with five matches making four tiny fires that eventually all went out, leaving Mere with one match, which went pfft! when she struck it and died, just like Lexie did.

Donna Fielder: Pleasure, pain part of nail spa

The chair clutched my derriere firmly and then let go as a hammer worked its way up and down my spine.

Donna Fielder: Two days of mishaps turn out OK after all

Considering that on Monday I backed into a new Lexus and on Tuesday Kiefer took a whiz on my office surge protector, it wasn’t such a bad week, I guess.

Donna Fielder: Nothing worse than having a bad hair day

The judge looked sternly over his bench at the woman standing before him.

Donna Fielder: Shoe name change can can lead to big mix-up

I heard from my friend Pam Rainey this week. She had a story to share. It has always been my theory that us girls can get through anything if we stick together.

Donna Fielder: Easter prize an option to usual bellyache

It’s the ultimate prize egg, though I’m not sure that the Easter Bunny has the muscles to lug it to a good hiding place. It’s going to show up way too much for sport in all the usual spots, nestled among the tulips or perched in the elbow of a tree branch.

Donna Fielder: Big bags can come with own baggage

It’s about the circumference of a stop sign but much redder and shiny to boot. A family of four could live comfortably inside with room in a zip compartment for a pet and even a renter or two. It’s my new sexy, fashionable big bag, and I love it.

Donna Fielder: Facebook good when sandman elusive

I had no idea how many of my friends were awake at 3 o’clock in the morning. But today when I was roused by the wet kisses of a dog who thought it was cookie time and I couldn’t go back to sleep, I found myself on Facebook.

Donna Fielder: Toast to justice caps celebration

“Yikes!” Christi yelped and coughed and thumped herself on the chest with her fist. “I think you might have too much alcohol in The Recipe!” My daughter, her friend April and my friend Cheryl were helping me get ready for the book-signing party at my house last Saturday.

Donna Fielder: Cupboard comes clean after plea to neat genes

“You threw away all my food!” The kitchen cupboard fairly sparkled in its cleanliness. And its emptiness. “Why did you throw away all my food?” I asked my daughter as she proudly stood aside for my inspection.

Donna Fielder: Sweet eyes passport to tasty dog treats

And so the Pekingese took best of show at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show on Valentine’s Day. That brought howls from some of my friends, who thought the German shepherd was the obvious choice.

Donna Fielder: Fiendish footwear require exorcism

Donna Fielder

Donna Fielder: Nan Nan’s hands offer measure of guidance

Donna Fielder

Donna Fielder: Beauty pageant mishaps magnified

Donna Fielder

Donna Fielder: Twins by any other name still handful

Donna Fielder

Donna Fielder: Friends go cuckoo shopping in Europe

Maybe it was the high altitude. We had only a glass or two of autumn wine for lunch, so alcohol wasn't the problem. Could have been the dark-chicken-parts main dish, I guess, the something-yucky-in-aspic or the cherry brandy in the cake. Donna Fielder

Donna Fielder: Only the shadow knows if diet works

Donna Fielder

Donna Fielder: New tree brings back thoughts of twirling one

Donna Fielder

Donna Fielder: Global travel comes with a few dust-ups

Donna Fielder

Donna Fielder: Rebellion not good when on computer

EDITOR’S NOTE: Donna Fielder is on vacation this week and will have numerous photos to show you next week should you make the mistake of showing up in her office. This column is a reader favorite from December 2004. Donna Fielder

Donna Fielder: Best friends make pact to stave off dip in Rhine

Donna Fielder

Donna Fielder: Time to reach for The Recipe

Donna Fielder