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High school football great

We always try our best to be polite when friends who live in other states want to talk high school sports.

They are, after all, nice people, and we really don’t want to hurt their feelings.

But in our book, there’s just no comparison between our local sports programs and the games that are played in the rest of the world.

We take our sports seriously in Texas, and if you’re a recent arrival in the Lone Star State or just happen to be visiting this fair city and doubt what we’re saying, we’ve got three words for you — high school football.

Texas is big, but you can visit any corner during football season and feel the same sense of excitement in the air on game day. It’s electric. You can’t resist it.

Don’t like football? If you can say that, then we’d be willing to bet that you’ve never attended a Texas high school game.

The experience, you see, is about much more than football. Sure, football is why people leave their homes en masse to journey to out-of-town games and why so many stadiums are filled to overflowing every week because of loyal season ticket holders. The game is important.

But there’s so much more. The color and spectacle offered by a Texas high school football game just can’t be matched, from the marching bands to the whirling cheerleaders to the devoted fans who fill the stands.

It’s an experience not to be missed.

And it’s all just about to get under way once again. Several teams will kick off their new seasons tonight, and many others are poised for Friday night games. We hope you’re planning on attending one or more of the contests.

We don’t have to worry if your son or daughter or grandchild is a member of one of the teams or bands or cheerleading squads because we know you’ll most likely be there, wearing the hometown colors and cheering your head off.

But don’t forget that every one of these kids deserves our support. Chances are that a neighbor, friend or co-worker has a son or daughter who is involved, so why not join the crowd and cheer them on?

These kids deserve our support, and besides — these games are just too much fun and filled with too much excitement to miss.

And speaking of excitement, don’t forget that the University of North Texas is also scheduled to get another season under way against Louisiana State University on Saturday.

The Mean Green is entering its second season in Apogee Stadium (The home opener is Sept. 8 against Texas Southern University.) and launching its final campaign in the Sun Belt Conference before moving on to Conference USA in 2013.

Hey, it’s almost time for the kick off.

We’ll see you at the game.