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Be thankful for firefighters

We always feel like a little kid when we see a fire truck. We can’t help it. Those big, shiny vehicles are real confidence builders.

It’s reassuring when we spot one or drive by one of the various fire stations in Denton or another city and glimpse the firefighters going about their duties.

You may know exactly what we’re talking about.

Many of us probably pause briefly when we see a fire truck or pass by a firehouse and silently give thanks for the men and women who staff the stations and comprise the crews of those trucks.

More of us should do it, and we should all do it more often.

Thanks to the firefighters’ dedicated service, we are able to sleep soundly at night. We can tuck our children into bed and turn out the lights with confidence because we know that the fire department is on the job.

We all realize that on any given night, the shrill shrieks of the smoke detector could awaken us to a nightmare that many of us share. Who hasn’t imagined a fire striking the house or apartment where we live — where our families are?

We know that it could happen at any time, but we also know that our emergency call or a 911 report phoned in by a neighbor or a passerby will very quickly summon help, that soon the sirens will announce that the fire trucks are on their way.

We gave thanks for the fire department once again last week as we read the report of a Denton apartment fire.

During that incident, firefighters kicked in the door of an apartment and rescued a man who was trapped inside his apartment and calling for help.

The victim was taken to a local hospital and later transferred to the burn unit at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Brad Lahart, spokesman for the Denton Fire Department, told us.

The fire started at about 10:45 p.m. Monday, and four units of the apartment were evacuated. A spokesman for the apartment said that two units were damaged in the fire.

Incidents like the one reported Monday are serious business. Such fires are always dangerous, and few things are as frightening.

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating — thanks to you, Denton Fire Department, for all you do.

And thanks to all our area firefighters who risk their lives to protect our families and property.

You are all heroes.