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Time capsule fires imagination

There’s something about a time capsule that inspires the imagination. At least the one that was recently unearthed outside the Wells Fargo building on the Denton Square has sparked plenty of speculation. Since the capsule was dug up last week, people have been theorizing about what might be inside.

And we’re not ashamed to admit that our own thoughts have wandered in that direction a time or two.

It’s not that the capsule is a time traveler from the distant past. It was buried by First State Bank employees just 20 years ago.

We know editors who have piles of material older than that stuffed into their desk drawers. Talk about time capsules.

We understand that the original plan was to dig up the capsule buried by bank employees on the 100th anniversary of the bank, which was Sept. 12.

That date came and went, and the time capsule didn’t see the light of day until Sept. 20, when a city crew did the honors.

But there was no ceremony to herald the capsule’s retrieval and that, we believe, might be one reason people are still talking about it.

Show people a few odds and ends from two decades ago, and they’ll probably just yawn and go on about their business.

But dig up a time capsule without showing its contents, and you’ve got a mystery that will pique people’s interest.

Some people were already talking about the time capsule before it was resurrected.

Local musician Glen Farris, who lives on the Square, decided to celebrate the community’s failure to open the capsule. He created a Facebook event for “See You at the Capsule.”

And at 12:01 a.m. Sept. 13, a group gathered around the brass plaque marking the capsule’s resting place.

“We toasted the time capsule,” Farris said.

He was surprised people showed up.

“That’s the funny and awesome thing about our community,” Farris said, adding that people come together for weird, quirky, curious things in Denton.

We’ll certainly agree with that sentiment. The little ceremony that Farris organized is by no means the quirkiest thing we’ve seen around these parts.

And we think that’s great. Most people here are fun — and even poke fun at themselves on occasion. It’s one of the most endearing qualities of our populace.

But if you’re still wondering about the time capsule, stay tuned. Joe Stroop, vice president of communications at Wells Fargo, told us the bank is planning an event in mid-October to display the contents of the time capsule. Wells Fargo took over the building 11 years ago.

“We decided that since the plaque on the time capsule said it would be opened in 2012, we would open it in 2012,” Stroop said.

But there won’t be a ceremony. Officials at the bank will determine how to open the capsule, Stroop said.

So, in a couple of weeks or so, we’ll probably have an opportunity to see the contents of the time capsule.

In the meantime, you’ll have to rely on your imagination to guess what’s inside.

And that could be a lot more fun than the real thing.