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McMath jazz band boosts civic pride

We can’t help but be proud of each member of the McMath Middle School Tiger Jazz Band. Recently they were named the national champions in the middle school jazz ensemble category of the 2012 Mark of Excellence National Jazz Honors Project.

Sponsored by the Foundation for Music Education, the national competition recognizes high school and middle school jazz ensembles for outstanding achievement in performance.

The 20-piece band of junior high students achieved a prestigious honor in the Denton school district and for the community of Denton, known for its music diversity and strength, particularly in jazz.

Take Brave Combo or The Baptist Generals or Sarah Jaffe for instance. These musicians, also nationally and internationally known, originated from or studied music in Denton.

Now on the national stage, this middle school group represents the best of what makes Denton stand out musically — and yet at such a young age.

These musicians have mastered their instrumental skills — from the keyboard and bass guitar to trumpets and clarinets to even a tambourine and a cowbell — blending the notes into harmonic perfection.

Hours and hours of dedication, practice, repetition and memorization go into perfecting musical skills. And it is obvious that each member of this creative and talented team spent the necessary time to be among the best.

From their “Jammin’ with Charlie” to creating their own authentic sound similar to Earth, Wind & Fire, this group combines talent, originality and dedication to the art of making music.

Naturally, they are ecstatic about the award and deservedly so. The winning ensemble will be included on a compilation CD of the Mark of Excellence winners, receive a trophy and get recognition in various publications as well as at conventions.

We hope to enjoy and share their music with everyone when it becomes available.

Just knowing you’re the No. 1 jazz ensemble for junior highs across the country ensures we’ll be tapping our toes and bobbing our heads to your tunes.

We are proud of and for you, McMath Middle School Tiger Jazz Band.

Take a well-deserved bow.