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Option could help boost development

Residents of Aubrey and Sanger will have the opportunity on Nov. 6 to vote for or against legalizing the sale of all alcoholic beverages, including mixed drinks, and we encourage them to support the measure based on economic potential.

We realize that decisions involving the sale of alcohol are often emotionally charged, but both cities are already legally authorized to sell alcohol — current sales are limited to beer and wine for off-premises consumption only — and the Nov. 6 option would simply expand authorization to legalize the sale of all alcoholic drinks.

Since alcohol is already permitted in each city, officials don’t expect the measure to have any significant immediate impact on the local economies, but we believe that approval would create new avenues for future growth.

Voter approval would help give both Aubrey and Sanger an edge over nearby communities where similar opportunities don’t exist and help them gain equal footing with larger area municipalities that enjoy more progressive guidelines.

Both cities, we believe, have reached a point where such options can make a big difference in encouraging development. Future prosperity in the North Texas market could hinge on a few key selling points, and cities need to be ready to compete. Aubrey and Sanger voters can now give their city planners an edge in growth negotiations.

According to the Better Business for Denton County Committee, approval of the local alcohol propositions could allow retail stores to better compete with surrounding areas. In a news release, the committee also stated that the sale of mixed drinks could keep residents from venturing to neighboring towns and cities to buy beverages.

And in our experience, money lost to neighbors’ businesses won’t be limited to alcohol sales. Consumers who travel outside the city limits to dine at restaurants where they can purchase mixed drinks may be more inclined to shop at stores near those restaurants.

Why not keep consumers — and their dollars — at home? That makes sound economic sense, and it also could eliminate unnecessary trips on area roadways, which makes good safety sense.

In our view, approving the sale of all alcoholic beverages in Aubrey and Sanger is the right decision, and the option is being offered to local voters at the right time. It’s a progressive step and one that could pay dividends well into the future.