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Romney right choice for times

We have heard it said that this may be the most important presidential election in history, and we can’t disagree.

We have listened to the debates, read the viewpoints of both liberals and conservatives and studied the polls. Opinions have flooded the airwaves, filled the pages of newspapers and bounced back and forth in public gathering places all across the nation.

Emotions have run high throughout the campaign, but in our view, the bottom line has always been clear. The economy remains effectively stalled, the budget’s skyrocketing upward trajectory appears to know no limits and millions of Americans have given up on finding a job.

Four years ago, voters placed their trust in Barack Obama, and now he is seeking re-election, telling us that he needs more time to overcome the situation that he inherited, that the nation’s problems were too big for him to handle in just one term.

We disagree. It’s time for a change, and this newspaper is recommending that voters support Republican challenger Mitt Romney for president.

We believe Romney is the most effective man for the job. Unlike Obama, Romney understands business and speaks the language of industry. His experience can help bring this nation back from the brink of financial disaster and get the wheels of commerce moving again.

Romney supports lower taxes and less regulation, which we believe will help stimulate growth and encourage companies to boost hiring. He also promises a balanced budget, enhanced trade incentives and replacing jobless benefits with unemployment savings accounts.

Romney promises to cut $500 billion per year from the federal budget by 2016 and to balance it by 2020.

We like the sound of that, and we also support Romney’s stance on energy. He has pledged that the U.S. will become independent of energy sources outside of North America by 2020, and he proposes to help make that happen by opening new areas for drilling and reducing obstacles to energy development.

Obama himself once said that if he didn’t repair the economy in three years, then his presidency would be limited to one term. That term is almost over, and we believe that Obama has failed to live up to his promises.

Take a look at the bottom line. We believe it clearly shows that it’s time to elect a principled leader, an effective manager and decision-maker.

We believe that Mitt Romney is the right choice for the times, and we encourage you to give him your support.