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Residents help those in need

When someone is hungry and homeless — whether by cause or fate — just getting through each day is a challenge.

But on the holidays, when many are nestled snuggly in their homes with family and friends, for the homeless, those days are — at best — painful. Knowing that just about everyone is enjoying a bountiful feast with laughter and memory-making togetherness becomes almost more than they can bear.

But in Denton, something special happens each year during the holidays — something not often seen in other communities. As we gather around our collective tables, we also make sure we’ve provided money, food and our time to ensure a holiday feast for those without the means. As our appetites are sated, so too are the appetites of our less-fortunate brethren.

So many of our residents make it part of their Thanksgiving traditions to serve others through support of the holiday meals at Calhoun Middle School and the Rapha Life Center. Nearby, Aubrey offers the same at its community center. And these do not include the efforts of many from our churches, food centers and other organizations who make serving others in times of need a priority.

We’ve walked among the homeless and hungry. We have heard their gratitude for the steaming hot meals and warm greetings. We’ve been on the serving line, dishing out heaps of mashed potatoes, green beans, turkey and more, hearing that gratitude from those receiving the bounty.

We’ve collected and donated funds, canned goods, time and even a few dollars into the Salvation Army’s red kettles. We’ve helped through the city’s many organizations through volunteerism and board service.

Whether we have received the warmth or helped provide it, we’ve come to realize there’s something really special about the city in which we live.

We’re blessed to be in Denton.