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A few coins can do a lot

Most of us don’t give much thought to the coins we receive in change when we make a purchase and pay with cash.

We just cram the coins into a pocket or tuck them inside a purse. After all, they’re not worth much — just a few cents, more of a hassle than they are really worth.

The thrifty may keep track and count out exact change to buy a soft drink or other items from time to time, but a lot of us have no idea how many nickels, dimes and pennies we have at any given moment.

We don’t worry about it — after all, how big of a difference can a few coins make?

Well, members of the student council at Hawk Elementary School in Corinth aim to find out. They will launch a coin drive Dec. 3 to benefit those who have been hard hit by Hurricane Sandy.

The drive will continue through Dec. 7, and proceeds will go to the American Red Cross for distribution to the hurricane victims.

Hawk Principal Susannah O’Bara said the council selects an annual service project, and while it already had selected a local agency to serve this year, council members decided to revise their plans after they saw images of people impacted by the hurricane, which hit the East Coast about a month ago.

Water jugs designated for each grade level will be set out at the school’s front entrance so students can donate. The grade that makes the largest monetary donation will receive an extra recess.

Where do you come in? Well, the school is inviting the community to participate in the drive, so . . .

After all, those few coins jingling in your pocket aren’t worth all that much. You said so yourself.

So, why not take those coins and put them with many, many others to benefit the hurricane victims?

Beth Avery, council adviser and school counselor, said it was encouraging to see students come up with the idea to help individuals impacted by the hurricane all on their own.

We agree and think this is a great example of how our young people can teach the rest of us a lesson — small donations can add up to make a big difference.

When it comes to helping others, every penny counts.