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Feel holiday spirit through giving

There are many opportunities for area residents to play Santa’s helper this yuletide season, but one of our favorite goodwill efforts is the annual KRLD Christmas is for Caring campaign.

This effort benefits residents of the Denton State Supported Living Center by helping to make their holiday wishes come true.

A lot of very special people live at the Denton State Supported Living Center, and the annual campaign is a great way for friends and supporters to show that they care about them. The people who live at the center love Christmas, whether they are 18 or 80, said Melissa Bradley, director of community relations for the center.

This year’s Christmas is for Caring campaign is the 34th annual, and through the years, the people of Denton County have been generous in their giving, never disappointing the residents, Bradley told us.

We are confident that this year will be no exception, and we encourage you to join with us in supporting this worthwhile holiday effort, which will be on the air through Friday. We can think of few causes that are more worthwhile.

Like we said, Christmas is a favorite time of year for the center’s residents, and each year, staff members and the Volunteer Services Council work hard to make their wishes come true. To do that, they rely on our help — the generosity of individuals, organizations, churches and businesses.

The goal is simple — to give residents a holiday filled with gifts, cheer and laughter. That’s the kind of Christmas that they deserve — the kind of holiday that all of us want.

It’s easy to donate. Supporters can call KRLD-AM “News Radio 1080” at 214-219-1080 during the campaign or donate online at Supporters can also make a donation using their cellphones. For details about donating by phone, visit the website.

If you check out some of the items on residents’ wish lists, you’ll see that they’re not elaborate. They’d like to receive items such as a watch, a pair of slippers, a new CD or maybe even a flashlight.

The size of your donation doesn’t matter. Every little bit helps, and every penny collected will help make life better for the center’s residents.

We’ve said this is one of our favorite holiday campaigns, and we’ve mentioned that the effort benefits a great group of people, but we’ve saved the biggest benefit of giving for last.

The annual campaign is one of the best ways we know to truly feel the holiday spirit.

Give it a try. You’ll see what we mean.