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CodeRED alerts can improve safety

We’re thinking that the weather today could serve as a great reminder for Denton residents to make sure they are signed up for the city’s new winter weather storm alerts through CodeRED.

The city’s emergency management department has upgraded the weather alerting system to include winter storms, along with alerts for other severe weather.

Winter storm warnings can be sent to residents through text and e-mail moments after an alert is issued by the National Weather Service.

Notifications are only available to city of Denton residents who have opted in to receive the CodeRED alerts. To register for the winter storm warnings, residents should visit the city’s website at and click on the CodeRED link.

You’ll find a full explanation of the CodeRED system on the website, along with answers to frequently asked questions and a lot of other valuable emergency management information. It’s worth checking out.

The system is fast — an ultra high-speed telephone communication service that allows the city to contact all or targeted areas of the city in case of an emergency situation that requires immediate action. The system is capable of dialing 60,000 telephone numbers per hour to deliver pre-recorded messages, according to the website.

Residents may also select severe thunderstorm, flash flood and tornado warnings through telephone calls to their homes and businesses, e-mail and text messages to their cellphones. Once the emergency situation is resolved, the system will issue another call advising that normal activities can be resumed.

We believe the upgrade to alert residents about winter storms is a terrific and timely idea. Severe weather is an ever-present danger in North Texas, and a system to keep residents updated is especially critical at this time of year.

A normal Texas winter will alternate between mild weather and temperatures that fall into the 20s and 30s, Dan Huckaby, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, told us.

This December has seen three record highs, Huckaby said, but something tells us that the temporary heat wave is over. Temperatures were predicted to dip well below freezing last night.

Meteorologists cautioned that even a small change in conditions could trigger more accumulations than predicted, so travelers should monitor the forecasts and road conditions throughout the day today.

It may be too late for this latest cold snap, but we encourage Denton residents to make sure they are online for any future winter weather warnings through the CodeRED system.

Again, all you have to do to sign up for the notification is to visit the city’s website at

Why not make sure you are in the system? As the city website says, seconds count in an emergency.