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Residents show caring spirit

Karen and Jimmy Meredith, owners of Sweetwater Grill & Tavern just off the Square in downtown Denton, told us that this was the year they were going to teach their children and grandchildren the real spirit of the Christmas season.

We think the project they came up with set a great example for all of us.

Thanks to their idea to serve a Christmas meal to folks in need, a lot of people had nourishing food on Tuesday and a holiday to remember.

Guests at the event also got to come in from the cold and enjoy the warmth of friendship and human kindness, and in our book, that’s part of the true spirit of Christmas.

Plans for the meal didn’t begin until about a month ago, but thanks to some enthusiastic help from other businesses and individuals, the Merediths were able to make the project a success.

And hopefully, the Merediths’ idea will be a gift that keeps on giving. Karen Meredith told us that the couple wants to serve the meal again next year, but on a larger scale — getting more businesses to participate.

We think that’s a great idea, and judging from the reaction to the first meal on Tuesday, organizers shouldn’t have any trouble signing up supporters.

Once word got out about this year’s project, Karen Meredith said, the event “completely snowballed.”

Numerous Denton businesses — and some commercial suppliers — got on board, and food, money and volunteers started to pour in.

Karen said that she and her husband wanted to provide something nice and thought the best way to do it was to provide a home-cooked meal. Their goal was to give back to the community as a whole.

In our view, they succeeded. They not only served up a lot of good food, but they also helped some of the guests gain a new appreciation for Denton hospitality.

A couple of the participants told us that they were impressed by the community’s support and willingness to help.

We were impressed, too, but we weren’t surprised. We see the generosity of Denton residents of all ages reflected daily in many community activities and through the goodwill efforts of countless organizations.

This Christmas meal was further proof that Denton is a caring community, and we have a feeling that Santa gave a thumbs-up Tuesday to the Merediths and all the others who supported the project.

Thanks, folks.