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Have safe, fun New Year’s Eve

We’re still a couple of days away from the new year, but experience tells us that a lot of people like to start their celebrations early, so we thought that a cautionary note might be in order.

Unfortunately, too many holidays are marred by revelers who seem to think they have the right to abuse alcohol or drugs and climb behind the wheel to risk the lives of innocent people.

This is especially true of the holiday that is upon us — parties are common and most of us stay up late singing “Auld Lang Syne” and sharing boisterous toasts.

If such activities are on your agenda, we encourage you to give a sober friend or family member your car keys before you begin to party, to appoint a designated driver for your group or to call a cab.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are OK to drive after you have been drinking. The formula for calculating how many drinks someone of your age and size can imbibe without getting drunk is too complicated to remember, so make it simple — if you drink, don’t drive.


In addition to doing your part to keep our streets and highways safer, a sober approach to New Year’s Eve could also save you a lot of time (in jail) and money (fines and attorney fees).

Area law enforcement agencies are beefing up their patrols through New Year’s Day and keeping a close eye on area roadways to spot anyone who may be driving while intoxicated.

In fact, some Denton County agencies, along with the Texas Highway Patrol, will be combining efforts and resources to form a task force focused on intoxicated drivers.

What that means is that if you drive drunk, you’ll likely get caught. No, actually, you can count on it. The men and women in law enforcement who will be on patrol are experts, and they’ll be waiting and watching for you.

So, if you think you’re an exception to the rule, think again. You’re not bulletproof and you’re not invisible. You will get caught.

Why put others and yourself at risk by doing something stupid? That’s no way to start a new year.

The Texas Highway Patrol will do its part by having troopers patrolling in an effort to keep the traveling public safer, according to an agency press release. In 2011, there were 1,039 people killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes involving drunken drivers.

The Denton Police Department urges anyone drinking to bring a designated buddy and stay safe while having fun.

“We will have extra traffic officers working the weekends looking for DWIs,” said spokesman Ryan Grelle. “Our suggestion is if you plan on drinking at a holiday party, please call a cab or have a designated driver take you home.”

You’ll notice that he didn’t say you can’t or shouldn’t have fun — just be sure to temper your fun with common sense.

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve.