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Special gift an inspiration to all

The past year had its share of positive stories, but few were as inspirational as one we shared at the end of December.

That’s when we met Sandra Reed and learned of the extraordinary gift that she had received from her daughter, Nicole Miller.

As the year began to wind down, Reed remained locked in a long battle with an overwhelming health issue. Reed was born with one kidney, and the single organ had declined over the years, bringing her to face end-stage renal failure.

Four years ago, Reed had applied for a transplant and was placed on the massive waiting list, but her name was taken off the list after she was diagnosed with leukemia. Reed would have to wait two years to be able to apply again.

Miller, who lives in Georgia, was tested and found to be a suitable match for the procedure. The surgery was performed Nov. 27 at a Fort Worth hospital, allowing Miller, 30, to fulfill a promise she had made when she was 15 — to give her mom one of her kidneys.

The typical mother-daughter story at this time of year involves new life — many hospitals routinely announce the first births of the year, and when the baby is a girl, the announcements may state, “mother and daughter are doing well.”

This mother-daughter story is far from typical, but it does involve new life, and thankfully, mother and daughter told us they were both doing well.

Reed has a new lease on life thanks to her daughter, who is now home in Georgia recovering and slowly getting her life back to its normal routine.

Miller also told us her long-term health outlook is great and she said the experience has been a “wonderful journey.” In spite of a few bumps in the road, she told us, it’s a journey that she is glad she was able to make.

Miller was never tested the first time her mother applied for a transplant but made sure she was tested the second time around.

“You don’t often get the chance to do something great for your parents when they do so much for you,” she said.

Like we said, it’s a positive story, and while Miller made her choice sound simple, we realize that the decision must have been a difficult one for both mother and daughter.

We wish them both well.

Thanks for the inspiration.




An editorial published Dec. 30 encouraging area city and school leaders to make sure their legislative wish lists are finalized before the start of the 83rd regular session of the Texas Legislature on Jan. 8 failed to note that the Denton City Council unanimously adopted its 2013 legislative program on Dec. 18.