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Hair donors show generosity

Anyone who has ever known a young girl can understand just how great a sacrifice it was for Harpool Middle School students to donate some of their hair last week to help others.

The school held a special pep rally Thursday to benefit Children With Hair Loss, an organization that offers free hair replacements to child burn victims and children who suffer from cancer, alopecia and other diseases and disorders.

During the event, about 20 people — students, staff and parents — each donated a minimum of 8 inches of their hair. Organizers said the donations would be sent to Children With Hair Loss this week.

Denton school district officials said the event is part of a schoolwide community service project that teaches students the importance of helping others.

It was quite a pep rally. The crowd roared and applauded as participants took a seat at the center of the Harpool Middle School gymnasium and allowed rally organizers with scissors in hand to cut off portions of their hair.

Some of the young people told us it was a scary experience, and we can understand that. Females of all ages can be very protective of their tresses, and the thought of parting with even a small portion can be traumatic.

The fact that these generous donors gave 8 inches of hair to help children in need was commendable.

Teacher and rally organizer Jennifer Hutson said she was pleased and surprised with the turnout Thursday.

A total of 25 bags of hair were collected, she said, but that’s not all. On Friday morning, Hutson said, she received another hair donation and that several students had come to her asking when she might organize another event so they can donate.

Karen Crozier, a curriculum technology specialist at Harpool, is the mother of a cancer survivor who experienced hair loss. She said it was the first time she’s donated hair to help cancer survivors. Crozier said her hair is the shortest it’s been in 25 years.

“It feels great,” she said. “It’s just hair to me, but to somebody that doesn’t have any, it might be really important. It will grow back and I can donate again.”

We’d like to thank all of those who donated locks of hair on Thursday. Thanks for being courageous and generous enough to help.

And by the way, you’ve never looked better.