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Where’s the disconnect?

It is good news that the extension of FM2499 from State Highway 121 North to Denton Creek is being funded through a partnership of the Texas Depart­ment of Transportation, the Regional Transportation Council and Denton County.

We’ve traversed FM2499 quite a few times ourselves with its easy access through major shopping centers and as a quick pathway into the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

The collaborative effort to find $90 million to earmark for the project suggests a successful funding mechanism for getting roads built.

But we’ve noticed a bit of a disconnect with how some projects see the light of day and other projects become runners up in the “Mrs. Road to Be Built” competition.

For instance, FM2181 carries a lot of traffic from Denton into Corinth and is in an area of the county where some of the highest growth has occurred in the past decade.

As houses and businesses have gone up, so too has the traffic congestion. Then we added a high school, more houses and more businesses.

We’d suggest the collaborative team take a road trip one day soon and traverse that stretch of FM2181 in the mornings, around 3:30 p.m. and again in the evening.

It might serve to make the team more aware of the issues that quite a few of our residents experience on their daily trips to and from work, home and school.

And it might remind them to think again before bumping FM2181 or other projects in northern Denton County down a notch to allow another road to go first.

We realize construction bids for FM2181 are anticipated to be let this May.

However, this project has been on the “to do” list for quite some time.

Another example is U.S. Highway 380 — long known as a potentially dangerous trek west. However, the Wise County portion of the road is finished and carries traffic smoothly through Decatur. It has made the Denton County portion look antiquated at best. And yes, we know that project is in the lineup as well.

Our point, in short, is that in northern Denton County, we see a lot of roads built or rebuilt in southern Denton County and in our neighboring counties both east and west. Yet, somehow, we are still working on getting the same roads widened more than a decade later.

Our question is simple: Where is the disconnect, who’s responsible and how can we get that fixed?