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Voters must take active role

The stage is set for the upcoming city and school elections, except for one of the most important players of all — you, the voter.

The deadline for candidates to file for a place on area city and school ballots was Friday, and we were pleased to see that many races are contested.

Voters in many area cities and school districts will have a choice on election day, and that’s a healthy sign.

Now, it’s your turn — if you aren’t registered to vote, get the process started immediately so that you will be eligible to cast a ballot in this spring’s city and school elections on Saturday, May 11.

We realize that voters have until Thursday, April 11, to register, according to information on the Denton County Elections Administration’s website, but we encourage you to get started soon. There’s only about a month left before the deadline, and with spring break and other events on the horizon, it might be easy to get sidetracked.

If you’re not already registered to vote, you can get information about what you need to do at the county elections website given above or at the Texas secretary of state’s website,

Once that chore is out of the way, you can concentrate on getting to know the candidates who are seeking office in your city and school district. We’ll do all we can to help by publishing information about the candidates and their platforms, along with advising you of any candidate forums and other speaking engagements that are planned.

We hope you make an effort to find out all you can about the people seeking office. A great place to start is by spending a few minutes with each of the candidates so you can ask questions and listen to their viewpoints. You should be able to meet most of them at an upcoming city council or school board meeting or at one of those candidate forums we mentioned.

Now that the filing deadline has passed, the candidates will be getting down to business and the campaigns will begin moving forward in earnest. With early voting set to begin April 29, the candidates will be working to get their messages out to the voters as soon as they can.

It’s important that you hear those messages so you can make an informed decision on election day. Denton County is changing rapidly, and there are important decisions and challenges facing all area cities and school boards. Be sure your voice is heard by participating in the process. Don’t let someone else make such important decisions for you.

If you vote regularly, thanks for your interest and participation. By taking an active role in local government, you are helping to ensure that your city and school district officials remain responsive to the people they represent.

We commend the candidates who filed for area city and school posts. It’s encouraging to see people step forward and volunteer to help their communities. No matter what the outcome of the elections may be, each of the men and women who seek office deserve our thanks for their willingness to serve.

Like we said, the candidates are doing their part, and now, it’s your turn — take an active role in this and every local election.