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Easter highlights bigger picture

Today is Easter, and for those of the Christian faith, it is one of the most important days of the year. Churches throughout the area will hold special services.

Traditionally, Easter is recognized as one of the major milestones of spring, when new growth begins to emerge and songbirds proclaim that winter has at long last ended. It is a time of rebirth and new beginnings.

This is also a day when many residents gather to celebrate family traditions by sharing a meal of their favorite seasonal dishes and holding egg hunts and other activities that are staged for the youngsters but enjoyed by all ages.

For some families, Easter activities are as beloved as those held to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even the busiest of family members usually try to find the time to gather with loved ones on this special day.

Because of its religious significance and its family ties, the subject of Easter reminds us of the bigger picture, the need to help our less-fortunate neighbors and the importance of sharing our blessings.

Thus, as you attend church services today, join with family and friends to share a meal or take part in other Easter activities, we ask you to consider ways that you can help your neighbors. Why not make this a season to reach out to those in need?

One opportunity that immediately comes to mind is the food drive under way for Denton’s second annual “Mayor’s Day of Concern for the Hungry.”

This year’s collection period was designated as March 25 through Tuesday, April 2, so there’s still time to donate. If you haven’t already donated items at one of the many area drop-off points, please consider doing so.

Organizations such as Serve Denton, which exists to help other nonprofits fulfill their missions in advancing the common good of Denton County, tell us that about 15 percent of the county’s population faces hunger and food insecurity, and one in four Texas children struggles with hunger and poor nutrition.

We may not realize it, but there are many close at hand who may need help, and the current campaign is seeking to change that by heightening public awareness of the problem.

On Thursday, Denton Mayor Mark Burroughs is scheduled to declare the second annual “Mayor’s Day of Concern for the Hungry,” and the food collected from the effort will be distributed to area food pantries.

Food donations will be accepted at area financial institutions, car dealerships, grocery stores and schools. A full list of donation locations can be found online at

Most-needed food items include peanut butter, canned vegetables, canned meats, dry beans and rice, boxed dinners and cereal.

All food collected during this food drive will go directly to Denton-area nonprofit organizations directly serving those who need food most. These organizations include Our Daily Bread, Vision Ministries, the Denton Community Food Center, Denton County Friends of the Family and Shepherd’s Hand.

You can be confident that your donations are put to good use, and we encourage everyone to support this drive and to seek other opportunities to help during the months ahead.

If we all share, no one will have to go hungry.