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Scholarships provide leg up

This is the time of year when high school seniors in Denton County begin to wrap up their work and look ahead to their next opportunity, and for many, the future is uncertain.

Rising tuition fees and other escalating costs make college a difficult — if not impossible — proposition for many families. A lot of promising students who would like to advance their educations may be unable to do so.

At the same time, a difficult economy continues to present roadblocks to young people who must enter a crowded job market with few marketable skills. No experience typically means low pay and little opportunity for advancement.

Thankfully, a lot of generous individuals, business owners, corporations and organizations step up to fund scholarships as the school year winds down. Throughout the area, high school counselors point qualifying students toward these prizes and applications are submitted.

For many students, a scholarship is the leg up they need to take that first critical step after high school, the one that will lead them on to new opportunities and a promising career.

Those who have been lucky enough to receive such grants will never forget their benefactors, and many later join the ranks of those who support such programs.

We are always amazed and encouraged by the number and diversity of scholarship programs that help lift Denton County young people to new heights each year. Some awards are small, but each comes with encouragement and faith — and a vote of confidence is often all a gifted student needs to succeed.

Those who offer their time and money to make the scholarships possible realize that they are investing in Denton County’s most important assets — the young men and women who will become tomorrow’s leaders.

Twenty-two of those outstanding young people accepted scholarship awards Saturday from Denton’s Council No. 4366 of the League of United Latin American Citizens during the organization’s 32nd annual scholarship banquet at Denton Country Club.

Isabella Piña-Hinojosa, this year’s scholarship chairwoman, told us that the chapter granted a total of $136,227.48 in scholarships, with funds gathered from local donors, educational institutions, businesses and organizations.

That’s quite an achievement, and we congratulate those who helped make the scholarships possible. We are told some of the recipients will be the first members of their families to attend college.

Scholarship season is inspiring because we get to see so many young people get the helping hand they need, and we look forward to many more award announcements in the weeks ahead.

We extend our thanks to the many generous folks in Denton County who work throughout the year to fund scholarships and make them available to deserving students. Your faith in our young people will be rewarded.

And to those who haven’t been part of a scholarship program in the past — why not plan now to make a future contribution?

It’s a great investment.