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Good deal awaits fest Top Hands

It may be one of the best deals in North Texas.

With more than 200,000 people expected to visit Denton’s Quakertown Park for the annual Denton Arts & Jazz Festival April 26-28, the Denton Festival Foundation Inc. is in the market for additional volunteers to help with the three-day event.

These volunteers — called Top Hands — work behind the scenes to make sure the city’s biggest festival is a success. Top Hands are members of the Denton Festival Foundation, which produces the festival and works year round to secure top musicians and artists.

Top Hands are literally the heart and soul of the festival, filling many key roles to keep things running smoothly. They cook, sell food, beverages and souvenirs at festival booths, and they help direct festival visitors. They also staff the Children’s Art Tent.

Anyone can be a Top Hand. All it takes are dues — $15 per person, $30 per couple or $35 for corporate members — and working at least one volunteer shift during the festival.

It’s a low-maintenance volunteer gig. You don’t have to serve on the board or a committee, and there are plenty of perks.

Volunteers get reserved parking at the festival site, a name badge, discounts on festival souvenir T-shirts and food and drink coupons to use at the booths run by the festival foundation.

The foundation gives its volunteers special thanks in local media, two newsletters and access to the Top Hand headquarters throughout the weekend.

But we haven’t even covered some of the best parts of being a Top Hand — like having fun. Some people enjoy their volunteer roles so much that they volunteer year after year, and many share the experience with family, friends and neighbors. Companies often provide teams of volunteers.

Plus, serving as a Top Hand is a great way to contribute to a worthwhile cause. The Festival Foundation uses proceeds from booth rentals and concession sales to support the arts throughout the city of Denton, so a lot of people ultimately benefit from the Top Hands’ contributions. Proceeds benefit continuing arts facilities, preservation projects and public art.

The Denton Festival Foundation produces the event with support from many sponsors, and thanks to this support and the volunteer service of the Top Hands, festival admission is free to the public.

The Denton Arts & Jazz Festival attracts visitors from all over the region and has grown tremendously during its 32-year history.

Why not become a part of that history by signing up to help at this year’s festival? Serving as a Top Hand is a great way to be a part of the action at a top music festival, help a good cause and enjoy a fun weekend.

Like we said, it could be one of the best deals in North Texas, so what are you waiting for?

Membership applications are available at on the site’s membership page.