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High school seniors to turn page

We’ve experienced high school graduation from both sides of the dais, and we can’t really say which experience is more emotional.

Stepping up to accept your diploma is a special experience — you know as you wait for your name to be called that your life will never be the same again.

But that’s also true when you attend a graduation ceremony as a parent — you’ve anticipated and dreaded this moment, and it seems impossible to believe that your child is about to begin a new life.

From our distant student memories, we seem to recall that the journey to graduation was long and arduous, and there were times when we were certain that the big moment would never arrive.

And, yet, when we finally stood waiting for the final chapter of our high school career and looked around us at the other students — some as familiar to us as our own brothers and sisters — the tedious journey seemed to melt away.

Where did the time go?

But if the passage of our school years ended in a flash, it was nothing compared to the compression of time that we experienced as parents watching our children accept their diplomas. After all, it was only yesterday that we were preparing to take them to the first day of kindergarten.

Where did the time go?

Yes, high school graduation is an exciting time, and Denton County residents young and old are about to experience the emotional roller coaster that goes along with it. Students in area high schools, public and private, are preparing to leave childhood behind forever, and parents and grandparents are stocking up on tissues to help them get through the ceremony.

We congratulate all our high school seniors and wish them well as they prepare to accept their diplomas. Schedules vary by school district, but most will be attending graduation parties before much longer.

Time is short, but there’s still time to consider the future. Most students, we know, probably have a pretty good idea of what they want to do when they leave high school; some do not, and that’s alright, too. Life is an adventure.

If college is in your future, we encourage you to take the work seriously. Life is a serious business, and many beginning college students find their new-found freedom a heady experience that makes it far too easy to neglect their studies.

But college is not high school. Take it from us and hit the books. You’ll be glad you did.

If you’re still uncertain about college, we’d suggest another visit with your high school counselor. Scholarship money may still be available, and you might just qualify for some of it.

If you’re a parent, we can guarantee that the pending graduation ceremony will be tough to get through, but you’ll survive. You’ve raised your son or daughter with tender loving care, and they’ll do fine.

And trust us on this one — they’ll probably be coming home to visit soon and often. Little things like laundry, spending money and home cooking are typically in great demand among most of the young people we’ve known. Later on may be a different story, but like we said, that’s later on.

As you prepare for your big event, be sure and check out our annual tribute to high school graduates that’s inside today.

There are a lot of fine young people represented there, and we know they’ll do well.

Happy graduation.