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Khoury’s tenure had large impact

We were sorry to learn that Denton girls soccer coach Iseed “Sid” Khoury would be leaving Denton High School to take the head coaching job at Frisco Wakeland.

Few coaches have the impact on a school or community that Khoury has had during his tenure, and it is a tribute to his character that he is known and respected not only for winning but for how he coaches the game.

Khoury preached positivity when building success.

“When you’re dealing with kids, it’s very important that they feel important and that they feel worthy,” Khoury told us. “You have to know that things are in their hands, and if you don’t like something, do something about it. Hard work in the end pays off.”

Khoury and the Lady Broncos played in four state title games — winning in 2003 and 2004 — and won 20 or more games in a season nine times during his 17 years with the program.

But his ties to Denton go back much deeper than building a winning tradition with Denton High School soccer.

Khoury, who arrived in Texas in 1969, played soccer and football for the University of North Texas. He was a standout scorer for the soccer team for four seasons, and his football career was highlighted by a school-record 62-yard field goal against Richmond in 1977 under head coach Hayden Fry.

He currently is tied for sixth in school history with 26 career field goals. In 2001, Khoury was inducted into UNT’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

It’s safe to say that many North Texans now have a greater appreciation for soccer thanks to Khoury’s influence. He has been instrumental not only in promoting Denton High’s soccer program but also the Denton Soccer Association and UNT’s soccer program.

Khoury was more than complimentary of the Denton school district for its support and encouragement during his time in Denton and said he appreciated the support given to the sports program by the district’s top administrators.

“They’ve supported us all the way and did everything they can,” he said. “There’s nothing bad I can say about this. It’s been 17 gorgeous years.”

Although the Lady Broncos went 1-19 this season, Khoury told us he has never doubted his players’ commitment to the team and their willingness to continue to work hard and improve.

Khoury said his favorite memory of the season wasn’t the team’s victory, but how they handled defeat, and it came in a game that Denton High lost to Lake Dallas by a score of 2-1.

Khoury said he told the players that he couldn’t be happier with them.

“You could play for me now and forever and lose every game, but if you play like this, I’ll never say a negative thing,” he said.

Thanks for all the memories, Coach Khoury, and thanks for providing such a positive influence.

Young people need to know that there’s more to winning than just outscoring your opponent.