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New logo fits DISD’s mission

The Denton Independent School District unveiled a new logo Tuesday designed to be both local and global — much like the district’s mission.

The new logo, approved by school board trustees in a 6-0 vote Tuesday, includes the full name of the district and a lot of detail surrounding the “D” in Denton.

District officials say the upper half of the D is an image of the tip of the dome of the Courthouse on the Square, representing the local community and a major gathering spot for residents.

The lower portion of the D is reflective of a globe, representing the global community, officials said. Pieces of the globe represent opportunity and the globe’s multi-colored hue represents diversity.

A “swoosh” separates the upper and lower half of the D to represent both movement and the paths available to DISD students. Its topsy-turvy curve represents the ability to move in a variety of directions, officials said.

In addition to paying close attention to each aspect of the design, district officials also reached out through the 99designs website to tap into the global minds of designers around the world.

Of the 239 design entries from 32 designers, officials noted submissions from Indonesia, Turkey, Australia, Germany and Canada as well as the United States.

With this global outreach came many new and innovative ideas, including the winning one.

Members of the Educational Improvement Council reviewed the entries, narrowing them down to a handful that were first reviewed by administrators and then put back through the council to get the final designs.

We believe this new design fits the district’s mission to a tee.

And what is the district’s mission?

Denton ISD resolves to “empower lifelong learners to be engaged citizens who positively impact their local and global community.”

It is a mission we all can and should embrace.

Count us in on the unanimous vote to approve the new logo.