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Young people set example for all

Two recent community projects spearheaded by area young people remind us yet again that our youth are a continuing source of pride.

Margaux Khosraviani, 16, wants to purchase microscopes and slides and create printed resources for the Elm Fork Education Center’s Science Lending Library, and she hosted a chili cook-off and silent auction Saturday at the Elm Fork Education Center to raise funds for the project.

The event was also part of a service project to help her earn the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award within Girl Scouts of the United States of America. Khosraviani is a member of Local Service Unit 416 of the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas.

In her project proposal, Khosraviani said Denton County had 4,500 middle school students and approximately 240 of them had microscopes. For home-school students like herself, there are fewer microscopes available, she wrote.

“As a home-school student most of my life, I want to help home-school families that don’t have a way to purchase these [microscopes] for their families,” Khosraviani said,

The goal of her project is to provide early and public access to science resources.

“I love science, and the interesting part of science is using microscopes,” she said.

An Eagle Scout candidate from Denton was honored during Denton County Commissioners Court on Tuesday for his contributions.

Chris Green was recognized by the Denton County Historical Commission for his work and leadership role in the June 1 cleanup of historic cemeteries near Little Elm.

“It made me feel good cleaning up the graves so we can remember them,” Green said.

Green is a member of the Boy Scouts of America Troop 366, chartered by Denton Bible Church.

Green said the preservation of the cemeteries is important.

“Because anyone who has ever lived has a gravestone to help people remember them,” he said. “I felt kind of bad for them, that they were just hidden from the world. That’s why I did it.”

The historical commission also presented a certificate of commendation noting the help and support Troop 366 gave Green during the project.

Boy Scouts who assisted in the cleanup included Ethan Coppedge, Jacob Wyman, Jackson Cook, Ben Leonard, Will Leonard, Kyle Cummings, Maxwell Pacheco, Jack Rayson, Michael Green, Zach Curran, Alex Walford, Kevin Curran, Charles Shelton, Dylan Towne, Connor Roche and Cody Roche. Adult workers included Gary Cook, Jeff Whitcomb, Todd Cook, DJ Anderson, Ken Reedy, Gerry Green, Miriam Green, Michelle Curran, Bret Curran, John Towne, Allison Green, Heath Autry and Mark Pacheco.

These two young people are not alone in working to improve their communities, of course. Denton County is blessed with many dedicated and talented young people who contribute in a variety of ways.

Many participate in church mission work, service organization projects, school programs and civic improvement efforts. Some work with children through sports programs and academic support efforts. Others simply do good deeds on their own, helping out an elderly neighbor or pitching in to make life a little easier for a family going through tough times.

Young people like these will be the leaders of tomorrow, and judging from their accomplishments thus far, our nation’s future should be in good hands.

Thanks, Margaux and Chris, for your contributions, and thanks to all who have helped on your projects.

You’re setting a great example for the rest of us to follow.