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Dog tale unleashes new view on life

A recent story about a small dog and an animal services officer with a big heart reinforced our appreciation for the caring attitude of those at the Denton Animal Shelter.

The dog, a short-haired dachshund named William, was brought in to the Denton Animal Shelter less than two weeks ago as a stray.

“He was found near Corinth on the side of the road,” kennel supervisor Gayla Nelsen said. “While he seemed fine at first, the next day we learned he was unable to move his back legs.”

That’s when animal services officer Urbano Rodriguez got involved. The day after William was brought in, Rodriguez was doing his routine chores at the shelter when he noticed that William was not able to get out of his kennel on his own.

“I thought maybe he was scared at first, but I hooked the leash on him and gave it a little tug — causing him to slide,” said Rodriguez, who’s been working at the shelter for 18 months.

He decided William needed some wheels to help him get around.

“I knew what I wanted to do, so I quickly searched on Google and checked out how to make a dog cart,” he said.

Permission was granted for the project, and as word spread, a shelter volunteer paid for the supplies. William’s life was soon taking a turn for the better.

While building the cart required trial and error, Rodriguez said he now knows what it takes — should the shelter ever need another one.

He said it didn’t take long to put together, nor did it take long for William to get used to it.

With help from another person at the shelter with sewing skills, the proper adjustments to his sling were made to provide the comfort William needed.

Nelsen said William immediately took to the cart and loves going out for a walk. So far, the little dog has stayed in the cart for only about 30 minutes at a time, but as he adjusts more and builds up his front leg muscles, he will be able to take longer walks.

Officials said it’s a reward to see the dog excitedly in motion within days after coming in with difficulty moving.

Rodriguez said providing the dachshund with improved mobility was well worth all the time, trouble and expense required to make the cart.

“Not only does William have a new perspective on life, but so do I,” he said.

We’d like to thank Rodriguez for going above and beyond to help a small animal who definitely needed a friend.

He’s right — this is the kind of story that gives you a new perspective on life. And who doesn’t need that from time to time?

At last check, William was still available for adoption. For more information, call the shelter at 940-349-7594.