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Band puts fun into fundraising

Customers in an Albertsons in Corinth had a bit of a beat to shop by for a while on Saturday, thanks to a march-through appearance by the Lake Dallas High School Band.

The store was one of the band’s stops as part of a 5K march-a-thon event presented by the Lake Dallas Band Boosters.

The band began its march that morning at Lake Dallas High on Parkridge Drive in Corinth and, after cruising through Albertsons on FM2181, the route continued along the North Denton Drive bridge in Hickory Creek concluding at Lake Dallas Middle School.

Band members called on family and friends to sponsor them in the effort and, according to event organizers, band members were asked to collect pledges totaling $100 each. Donation buckets were also available along the way to collect contributions.

Event organizers told us that proceeds will help fund the band’s equipment repairs, props, private lessons, training, color guard instruction, scholarships and other program necessities.

We hope the band members’ fundraising effort was a success, and we congratulate them on their creativity and energy.

Fundraisers may be a fact of life, but there’s no reason they have to be boring and they certainly don’t have to expand our waistlines while they’re depleting our wallets.

Most of us do as much as we can to support our students — but a person can eat only so much chocolate and there’s an end to how much cookie dough you can store in your freezer.

And after your kitchen drawers are stuffed with pot-holders and your closets are filled with knickknacks, it gets tougher and tougher to pick a premium from those fundraising catalogs that boosters typically carry door to door.

This fundraiser’s concept was a relief in that respect and, unlike many efforts, it gave the young people an opportunity to show off a little bit for the hometown crowd. Isn’t that what this is all about? Residents wanting to view the march-a-thon were invited to stand along the sidewalks and cheer on the band.

“We’re just really excited about it and excited to show the community our hardworking kids,” Ginger Collier, band booster vice president and march-a-thon coordinator, told us before the event.

Officials with the Corinth, Lake Dallas and Hickory Creek police departments and Lake Cities Fire Department were on hand to help the band along the route.

The march-a-thon was an effective way to share the band’s enthusiasm with the community and provide a preview of coming attractions that will be presented at area stadiums during the next few weeks.

And thanks for setting a lively pace for other school groups to follow — it was a great way to show that fundraising can be fun.

Bravo, Lake Dallas Band members and boosters.