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Signs of fall brighten outlook

We still have a few more days to burn until autumn arrives, and we do mean “burn” because daily temperatures continue to climb above average levels for this time of year.

OK, we may not have hit triple digits every day recently, but the mercury has climbed close to the century mark more than once in the last few days. It seems like summer is too stubborn to give up and let go.

But even as we mop our brows and search for spots of shade, we’re becoming more hopeful. We’re starting to see signs that possible relief from the heat and help for the ongoing drought conditions may soon be arriving.

Cooler temperatures and some rain would do a lot to soothe tempers frayed by a long, hot summer.

Hey, we can dream, can’t we?

Some of the signs that summer is waning and relief may be on the horizon have been pointed out in recent weather forecasts. The last one we saw predicted cooler temperatures and increasing chances of precipitation, which the entire North Texas area desperately needs.

With many area lake levels approaching critical lows, we need rain and we need it soon. Let’s think positive, keep our fingers crossed, grab a few good-luck charms or whatever else we think will work and hope that the weather forecasts are right this time around.

Seriously, though, positive signs are all around us — summer is finally coming to an end.

One of those signs, and we mean that literally, was on the front page of our Saturday issue, directly beneath a headline stating, “End-of-summer relief.”

This particular sign displayed the latest per-gallon price for gasoline advertised at a local business, and unless our eyes were playing tricks because of the heat waves, it clearly stated $3.19.

Now, that’s relief.

Don’t misunderstand us — we still long for the old days when gasoline was priced much, much lower than it is today; however, something tells us that those days are gone forever.

But from where we sit, the photo on our front page Saturday reflected a major improvement from what we’ve been paying for gasoline in recent weeks.

It was nice to pick up the paper and see that eye-catching photo. It made us feel good, even optimistic, and these days such instances are few and far between.

Sure, it’s a small thing, and it may not last. With continuing unrest in Syria and other parts of the world, the signs at area gas stations may soon reflect higher prices.

But the cost of gas typically falls as the summer driving season ends, and we’re hoping that prices will continue to drop in the weeks ahead. A few cents a gallon might not seem like such a big deal to some people, but many area families are on tight budgets, and falling prices are a real blessing to them.

Lower prices are also good news for area nonprofits, which depend on your generosity to help others. Many agencies are conducting fundraising efforts right now, and if you’re saving money at the pump, you can afford to help them a little more. Please be generous.

So, pardon us for looking on the bright side, but in our view, a change of season should bring a new outlook, and we’re hoping that the arrival of fall will encourage everyone to be a little more understanding, patient and considerate.

You never know — maybe the power of positive thinking will work in our favor.