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Get Denton on top 40 list

Kim Phillips, vice president of the Denton Convention & Visitors Bureau at the Denton Chamber of Commerce, encouraged readers in her Sunday column to tell Texas Highways magazine that Denton needs to be on its list of the top 40 Texas destinations, and we’d like to second that motion.

The magazine is preparing to celebrate its 40th birthday, and in honor of that landmark, it’s asking the people of Texas for recommendations on the 40 top destinations in Texas.

As Phillips pointed out, a lot of folks read the magazine — it’s well known as a travel/destination guide — and a mention in its pages can put a city or town on many vacation or weekend getaway agendas.

We’d like to see Denton put near the top of the list.

After all, few Texas cities can match us for pure entertainment value — there’s something here for everyone, and our venues are a lot better value than most Lone Star destinations.

When you consider the variety and quality of Denton restaurants, add the wide range of shopping opportunities and throw in the thriving music scene, you’ve got a total entertainment package that makes Denton an ideal travel destination.

Plus, many of the historic homes and sites — including one of the most impressive historical courthouses in the state — add a lot of color and personality to the package.

So, how do we get Denton on the list of top 40 Texas destinations?

First, go to the magazine’s website at

On the homepage, look right and down and click on “The Texas Top 40 destinations — Nominate Your Favorite Now.”

The 40 cities with the most nominations will win their way into the guide to Texas Top Destinations between January and December 2014 in celebration of the magazine’s 40th birthday.

Phillips believes, and we agree, that getting Denton on the list will result in a lot of tourism, and that’s good news for everyone. Such a listing could sell a lot of hotel rooms, meals and everything from fashions to antiques — and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Last year, Denton made the finals of a national “Best Small Town in America” contest. Out of more than 750 competing towns, Denton ended up as the second-most fun small town in the United States. The area is still reaping rewards from that promotion, Phillips stated.

The deadline for nominations in the Texas Highways project is Oct 15, so make sure your vote counts.

In addition to voting on the website, votes can be registered through Oct. 15 on Texas Highways’ Facebook page or Twitter account, and also via e-mail to

A lot of travelers will use the magazine’s list to get travel ideas, so let’s make certain Denton is included and they know how to find us.

Once they get here and see what we have to offer, they’ll be sure to book a return trip.