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Political competition is healthy for voters

State Sen. Wendy Davis’ recent decision to seek the governor’s job appears to be sparking plenty of interest in filing for political office among Democrats.

And in a county that has trended heavily Republican in the candidate field, a little competition is a healthy thing, in our opinion.

When interest is high and the field of candidates is healthy, we’ve found, the issues get a more thorough airing and the voters ultimately benefit.

In business, healthy competition can bring better service and lower prices for consumers, and having a choice of political candidates can often result in more responsive and efficient government.

There’s nothing like new ideas and challenging questions to keep campaigns lively, and when the candidates are working hard to get the attention of voters, the result can be increased voter turnout.

Filing began Saturday for the 2014 primary election, and officials with both major Denton County political parties told us they are looking forward to the crop of candidates they will field for the election.

“The excitement being generated by state Sen. Wendy Davis running for governor is inspiring a great number of people to step forward and consider public office for themselves,” said Phyllis Wolper, head of the Denton County Democratic Party.

Like we said, that’s good news, but something tells us the Democrats will have their work cut out for them. The Denton County Republican Party — led by Dianne Edmondson — is confident the GOP will be fielding multiple candidates as it has in the past several elections.

“We will have 40 to 50 this time,” Edmondson said.

The continued surge for the GOP is due to a number of potential candidates wanting to be in office and believing that running as a Republican is the way to get elected, Edmondson said. Also, a slew of retirements from a number of judges and justices of the peace have left open seats, Edmondson said.

The filing period for the 2014 primary election continues through Dec. 9, so anyone who has been considering making a run for an open spot still has plenty of time.

But don’t wait too long — some savvy political minds feel that candidates profit from getting their names out there as early as possible.

For more information about filing as a Republican, visit or call Edmondson at 940-391-6699. Democrats interested in filing can contact Wolper at 940-390-6950.

It’s good to hear that the 2014 primary is generating interest, and we hope that trend continues.

There’s nothing we’d like more than a bumper crop of candidates from both Democrats, Republicans and other groups on area ballots come election day.