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Help end police imposter threat

Denton police are seeking the public’s help in locating a person they say is impersonating a police officer and we urge everyone to be on guard for any suspicious activity so we can get this threat off the street.

Most of us don’t think twice about pulling over when we see the flashing lights of what we believe to be a police cruiser behind us on the highway — we’ve been conditioned to respond in a certain way.

We’re not happy about the situation because we know we may be getting a ticket, but there’s no reason to think that we have anything to fear except possibly paying a fine.

That’s what makes impersonating a police officer such a serious crime — it threatens the sense of trust that exists between the public and those who enforce the law.

In this particular case, police said, a woman was stopped on Airport Road at 2:10 a.m. Friday by what she thought was a police vehicle using emergency lights.

But while she was finding her proof of insurance and driver’s license information, the woman told police, the male driver of the vehicle tried to attack her.

Officer Ryan Grelle, police spokesman, said that the woman was able to fight back and her resistance caused the man to “run back to his vehicle and drive away.”

The area where the woman was driving was dark, police said, and the victim was unable to describe the man or his vehicle in detail. A news release issued about the incident stated that the man was wearing dark clothing and that his vehicle had a red and blue light bar.

We applaud the woman’s courage and determination in resisting her attacker, and we are thankful that she was able to escape.

We also encourage our readers to pay close attention to advice issued by police in the wake of this attack. Police said drivers should always proceed to a well-lit area or the police department and call 911 if they are leery of who might be pulling them over.

When in doubt, always play it safe by getting confirmation of an officer’s identity — and don’t be afraid to call for help.

If anyone has information about the incident or was in the area at the time it occurred, they are asked to call Sgt. Bobby Smith at 940-349-7971 or send a text message with the information to Tip411.

Remember — your tip could help police find a dangerous predator. Don’t hesitate to help.