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Help to name school facilities

It may not be a chance for immortality, but it is an opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the Denton school district.

School district officials are now accepting nominations for naming future facilities, and the public is invited to send in their ideas.

One of the facilities to be named is the new school under construction in the Lantana area that’s currently known only as Elementary School No. 22. We’ve got to admit that’s catchy, but we’re betting that you can come up with a more fitting title.

District guidelines state that facilities “shall generally be named for a street or geographic area within the district, a historical site, or a deceased person who has made a significant contribution to society as may be deemed appropriate by the board. A facility shall generally not be named after an individual who was a student at the time of his or her death unless approved by the board.”

According to district policy, a 45-day window is opened twice a year — in September and January — to accept nominations for the naming of new, existing or proposed district facilities.

The current window may provide a better opportunity than most. As a result of voter approval for the district’s bond package in November, people now have several opportunities to name a district facility, said Robert Bostic, assistant superintendent for academic programs.

Bostic said the school board could consider a name for the new elementary school to serve the Lantana area as early as February.

The district also is planning to construct a high school, two additional elementary schools, a middle school and a ninth-grade addition at Guyer High School.

So, if you’ve ever read the name selected for a school district facility and thought that you could do better, now’s your chance.

The first step is to check out district policy “CW” online by visiting There is also a form provided for written nominations, which should be submitted to the superintendent’s office.

Nominations will be accepted through Jan. 31, and district officials say they intend to post information for nomination forms on the district website.

Bostic said the current bank for district facility names has nearly 30 names. All names nominated are kept by the district, he said.

Residents publicly suggested the names of Alice Alexander and Dorothy Adkins at recent school board meetings.

Alexander, who died in 2007 at age 100, taught kindergarten and first grade in the Denton school district for 45 years and was the daughter of Fred Moore, a civic leader and the city’s first African-American principal. A high school is already named after Moore.

Adkins co-founded the Grandparents in Schools program, served on the Denton school board and taught at Ginnings Elementary School for more than a decade.

Those suggestions should help you formulate an idea or two of your own. It shouldn’t be difficult to come up with suggestions. Just think of a gifted teacher who had a significant impact on your life, a longtime community leader or maybe someone who played a key role in local history.

Any of those could be terrific nominations, but whatever your inspiration, don’t miss this chance to contribute to your community.

The window of opportunity won’t be open for long.