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Christmas truly season of giving

We hear many people say that Christmas has become too commercial, but we don’t believe it.

All it takes is a quick look around to confirm that many folks — most of them perhaps — still celebrate the season for all the right reasons.

These are the willing workers who put service before self, who share their good fortune with others. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, this day dawned brighter for many of their neighbors.

They are the volunteers who kept the bells ringing at the Salvation Army’s red kettle locations or invested countless hours of their time to make sure that area fundraising drives kept rolling.

Some of these good people wear uniforms, but they weren’t always the red and white variety favored by Santa’s helpers.

They included members of the Denton Police Association who made sure that such programs as Shop with a Cop came off without a hitch.

Some wore the uniform of the U.S. Army or the U.S. Marine Corps as they led the Toys for Tots campaign in the Denton area.

Others were members of area service clubs, community organizations or churches who stepped up to help when an ice storm threatened to ruin the holiday season. They made sure that the donations of toys and other needed items kept flowing.

They cared enough to sacrifice time with their own families and gave funds from their own holiday savings accounts to make sure that the less-fortunate had something to celebrate this year.

They stepped in to ensure that as many children as possible would wake up this morning to a brighter world because of a toy or gift that they didn’t expect to receive.

They renewed hope, filled hungry mouths with nourishing food and gave blood to help prevent holiday shortages.

They provided warm clothing and blankets to help those in need fight the cold, and they shared their time with neighbors who would have spent the holidays alone.

They are the angels who make this a true day of wonder for so many, but their work and sacrifices often go unnoticed. Look around you today and seek them out; tell them how much you appreciate all that they’ve done to make such a special day for so many.

And don’t forget those who remain on the job today so that we can spend time at home with our families — police officers, firefighters and medical personnel, or the countless folks who labor behind the scenes to keep our utilities up and running, the gas pumps flowing and the store shelves stocked. Give them a smile and a friendly wave today, or stop for a moment to offer them a handshake and a sincere thank you for all they do.

And don’t forget those who now serve and have served in the military to keep our nation free. Keep them and their families close to your heart today.

So, you see, the proof is all around us — Christmas continues to be celebrated as a season of giving, and for that, we are truly thankful.

We hope that this day brings you much joy and many blessings.

Merry Christmas.