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Shopping locally pays dividends

After-Christmas sales are upon us as retailers across the region try to recoup sales lost during the recent ice storm and a slightly shorter-than-normal holiday shopping season.

Signs, advertisements and coupons with 10 percent, 25 percent, 50 percent or more off regular prices are stretching the holiday shopping a little longer this season.

And it seems to be working, several Denton retailers say.

In addition to redeeming gift cards, stocking up on marked-down Christmas items for next year or returning gifts, shoppers are still in the mood to buy.

At one local store, employees were trying to restock empty shelves as shoppers took advantage of an after-Christmas sale this week at Bath & Body Works at Golden Triangle Mall.

In the heart of Denton, the Courthouse Collection is seeing customers snap up its half-priced Christmas-related merchandise.

The sales will likely help retailers close in on their profit margins. The holiday shopping season is when many retailers make the bulk of their money in the hope of reaching their goals for the year.

It’s the reason that we are suggesting residents shop locally to support the locally owned retailers as well as the branch shops that offer Denton residents a smorgasbord of selections.

When we spend our dollars in Denton and surrounding cities, we put money into city coffers for our roads, parks and other municipal services. We also ensure jobs are available for those seeking employment in retail and keep our fellow residents who are running the shops in business.

You also gain the added benefits of more time at home, less time on the road and more money to spend since you’re not putting it in the gas tank.

Plus, the more we shop locally, the more shops we’ll likely see as the economy brightens in 2014.

If you haven’t yet used that gift card or have a little extra cash to spend, consider meandering through the myriad shops across the area, stop for lunch at one of our wide assortment of restaurants and feel good that you’ve not only treated yourself but you’ve also given back to the community as a whole.

What a great way to start the new year.