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Quit making excuses and vote

When it comes to excuses, people who are too lazy to vote rank right up there with youngsters trying to explain why they don’t have their homework.

Through the years, we’ve heard a lot of explanations for not voting — a few should have garnered Academy Award nominations. Sure, none of them actually held water, but they got points for creativity.

Other potential voters, however, are too lazy to even come up with a creative excuse. Most of these simply fall back on the old favorite, “I was too busy.”

Well, if you’ve been on a hectic schedule recently and anticipate that you might have trouble making it to a polling place on Tuesday, March 4, for the primary election, then listen up — early voting begins Tuesday.

That’s right. The early voting period for the March 4 election is already upon us, and a quick look at the available dates and times will reveal that there’s probably more than one opportunity that suits your schedule.

That list can be found by visiting The folks at the Denton County Elections Administration have made it easy for you to plan your schedule. You can also find a list of early voting locations in our newspaper and on our website at

When you check the list of dates and times, you’ll find the early voting period begins Tuesday and runs through Friday, Feb. 28. There are 11 days when early votes can be cast, including a Saturday and a Sunday, according to the website.

Hours vary, but since some early voting locations open at 7 a.m. and don’t close until 7 p.m. on several days, most county residents should be able to find a convenient time to vote.

And we’d like to emphasize that word, “convenient.” The best thing about early voting is that it gives voters a choice. No longer do people have to line up on the same day and wait their turn — unless they want to, of course.

Now, you can do your patriotic duty when it works best for you. And unlike those election days in years past, there’s typically not much of a wait required to cast an early ballot.

Sure, some times are more popular than others, and if you wait until the end of the schedule you might run into a small traffic jam. But if you get out there soon, you should have no problem.

This election has yielded several exciting races, especially in the Republican primary, and we’d like to see a strong turnout of area voters.

And don’t forget, registered voters will need their registration card or another of the approved forms of identification to cast a ballot. You can find out more about ID requirements on the Elections Administration website, or you can call the office at 940-349-3200.

We urge all registered voters to cast ballots in the March 4 primary, whether they take advantage of early voting or celebrate the tradition of voting on election day.

When you stop and think about it, officials have made it so easy to vote that there’s really no reason not to cast a ballot in every election.

So quit making excuses and vote.