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Mural highlights Krum’s history

A new mural in downtown Krum will most certainly be a highlight for passing motorists and could provide an incentive for area travelers to map out a detour through the historic downtown area.

The distinctive 13-by-70-foot mural depicts the city’s farming history and significance of the railroad and was commissioned by members of volunteer garden group Krum Bright and Beautiful.

“We’re pretty proud of it,” said Mary Jo Warren of Krum Bright and Beautiful. “This was our gift to the people in Krum.”

Located downtown on West McCart Street in Old Town Krum on the side of the Madam’s on McCart building, the mural was painted by Pilot Point artist Justine Wollaston, who said she spent 80 to 90 hours on the project.

Based on old photographs at the Krum Heritage Museum, the mural recreates a scene of local wheat farmers standing alongside wagons at harvest, along with a train breaking through the left side of the image to depict the arrival of the railroad, which Warren said put Krum “on the map.”

According to the Krum Heritage Museum website, Krum was founded and created by the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway in 1886 and named for railroad official Charles K. Krum. The museum’s website notes Krum in 1900 as being the “world’s greatest inland wheat market.”

“I thought how exciting it would be if we combined those ideas,” Wollaston said. “It’s as if you have these old photographs and the train busting through that, so it’s kind of exciting.”

Members of Krum Bright and Beautiful raised more than $3,000 for the mural, which in our view is a natural extension of the group’s past beautification efforts. The group is known in the community for the flowers members purchase and maintain in planters on McCart Street.

The project was about 18 months in the making and was brought to fruition with help from local businesses that either donated money or other services. Names of donors will appear at the bottom of the mural, Warren said.

Warren said if someone views the mural and smiles, then Krum Bright and Beautiful has accomplished something.

“We hope it reminds people of the history of Krum,” she said. “We hope that they just see it as an interesting mural that beautifies the town.”

Kudos to members of the group for their efforts to beautify Krum and promote interest in the city’s colorful history.

We believe their latest gift will stimulate questions and conversations and help keep people talking about Krum’s heritage for many years to come.