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App contest could help community

There are a lot of exciting new projects in the Denton business community right now, and a contest by Brainwash Inc. is offering companies a way to have a new application for Apple devices to promote their services.

Until Friday, Denton business owners can submit ideas online for iOS apps they would like to have created, and Brainwash owner and developer Bear Cahill will choose five to 10 for the public to vote on.

One winner will be selected for Cahill to create an application on the company’s behalf, he said.

As Cahill describes the effort, it could be a winning proposition in more ways than one.

“I thought, how can I use my skills to raise awareness of what we have here, and at the same time help a company that may not have the budget or resources to do that kind of thing?” he said.

The contest could also help increase awareness of Denton’s growing startup technology and developer scene, he said. Many local businesses still aren’t aware of websites such as Create Denton, and the numerous technology professionals available locally for projects.

For the submissions, Cahill said, he is looking to help a company that already helps the community in some way, and hopefully the app itself could also foster community engagement.

“I’m looking for the best ideas that seem to be the most realistic to do, have a bang for the buck and are creative,” he said. “Then, I’ll put it up for a vote on the site to see what people would think would be most interesting for the community.”

Companies that don’t have a specific idea for an app can also enter the contest, he said. Some owners may not think an app would be beneficial to their businesses, but Cahill said he is willing to work with them to find an idea to help the business and community.

To submit an idea, businesses and organizations can visit

“A lot of companies don’t think an app is in their market, but I’m sure 10 or 20 years ago people didn’t think their company needed a website,” he said. “A company maybe doesn’t think it’s an obvious transition, but I don’t want them to not benefit from this because they don’t have a set idea in mind.”

Cahill is right. Business owners need to stay aware and widen their horizons when it comes to exploring ways to promote products and services.

Not all new ideas work for everyone, but creativity and diversity are often the keys to building a competitive business.

We also like his idea of helping a company that already helps the community in some way.

Building a better community requires a team effort, and we need to encourage all players to contribute.