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Mothers deserve their day

There are lots of good reasons to honor your mother today, but the best one is that she really deserves it.

After all, who has done more for you than your mother?

Stop and think about it — without your mother, you wouldn’t be here. She not only brought you into this world, but she took care of you for a lot of years.

Think of all the sacrifices she made so you could be happy, all the nights she waited up to make sure you got home safe and sound.

You didn’t give it much thought at the time, but you may have made it through that storm in once piece because she was pulling for you back at home.

Who knows how many disasters were averted because she was sending positive thoughts and prayers heavenward on your behalf?

No one has ever loved you like your mother.

She’s been your biggest fan for years, so if you are lucky enough to have her close by, you should drop by for a visit today — maybe with some of her favorite flowers in hand.

Treat her to a nice lunch or dinner. That’s the very least you can do after all the meals she has served you through the years and all the times she “wasn’t hungry” so you could have second helpings of your favorite dessert.

And if your mother is far away, give her a call. Spend some time with her — that’s the best gift of all. Make sure she knows how you feel about her.

And don’t even think about texting or emailing. That’s too impersonal. She wants to hear your voice, so pick up the phone or connect with her for a little face time via that fancy smartphone or computer. After all, this is her day.

We realize that you’re busy, that your schedule is crowded and that there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. But think of how she felt all those years ago when she stayed up late or woke up early to take care of that project that you needed to have done and forgot to mention until the last minute.

We know you’re brilliant now, tops in your field, but think back to your first day of school. Who held your hand on that fearful walk to the door and reassured and comforted you?

Who kept all those report cards, art projects and achievement ribbons that you collected during the next few years?

Who knows? She probably still has those mementos, along with handmade valentines and a craft project or two stored away in a keepsake box or two.

But those faded trophies are nothing compared to the memories she has stored in her heart —a small child taking first steps and learning to ride a bike, a too-soon adult setting out on the road of life or preparing to repeat marriage vows.

She’s quite a lady, your mother, so remember her today.

We’d like to take this opportunity to send our best wishes to mothers everywhere. We hope Mother’s Day 2014 brings each of you joy and many blessings.

There is no substitute for a mother’s love, and we want you to know how much we appreciate all you’ve done.

Thanks, Mom. We love you.