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Project Denton likely to inspire

A lot of Denton businesses have interesting stories to tell and a local marketing firm has launched a new series of mini-documentaries that can benefit the companies and the community.

Called Project Denton, the 5- to 6-minute videos tell the stories behind three area businesses in the first installment of what the firm hopes will be an ongoing project.

The videos were created over the past year by Square 205, a marketing and branding firm in the downtown area.

The goal is not only to help promote the featured companies, but also to help nurture the Denton business scene by showing off the market’s capabilities and what’s going on here from a professional standpoint, said Paul Echols, president of Square 205.

“It’s not just the businesses, but where those businesses came from and what they’re doing,” he told us.

The videos on Zera Coffee Co., the DIME Store and Redwood Studios were launched a few weeks ago and are now being shared on social media. Organizers are hoping that the project will help gain attention here and outside the city and area.

Mike Cheves, chief marketing officer of Square 205, said the project should help show clients the benefits of coming to Denton, and the types of businesses they’ll be surrounded by in the local community.

The companies featured in the videos aren’t clients of Square 205 and didn’t pay to be featured in the series. Creators want Project Denton to be a visual resource to help people better understand the expertise and creativity that are available here and they hope to continue to release videos regularly.

Lisa Moore, the general manager at Zera, said the video showed a side of the business that a lot of people don’t know. The coffee shop is owned and managed by Denton Freedom House, a nonprofit organization that helps men with addiction problems through ministry and work at the coffee house or another business owned by Denton Freedom House.

“I think it definitely gives a glimpse of our heart and our love for Denton and the community and people,” Moore said.

Standard advertising and marketing projects can do a pretty good job of telling the basic story about a business and presenting its sales pitch, but some defining information — the heart and love for a city and its people mentioned by Moore, for example — can be difficult to communicate.

But those points are important, especially when it comes to getting people to come to Denton. We have a lot going for us here, and the videos produced as part of Project Denton are a good way to start spreading the word.

We’re confident that many other good ideas will follow, by the firm that created these first videos and from others.

Ideas like this one tend to get the creative juices flowing.