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America is not broken

Douglas Lee Leguin is a terribly misguided soul.

He’s the kind of guy who sits around the coffee shop and fouls the air with uninformed opinions about what’s wrong with America and the world. In other words, he’s a blowhard.

LeGuin, 60, lives in Corinth and apparently had a clean criminal record before he set out on a fool’s errand that no one, not even him, understands.

He left his house last week on a Monday afternoon with an AK-47 assault rifle, ammo and propane tanks, according to police. He drove to a prosperous gated community in North Dallas and knocked on a door. A nanny answered and quickly slammed the door in his face after she determined he was acting strangely.

When fire trucks and police cars arrived at the scene, he began shooting at their vehicles, according to police. Later, he retreated to a nearby wooded area and called 911. He referred to himself as “Dougie-Doug” from the new nation of “Dougistan.”

Leguin was arrested and charged with seven felony counts of aggravated assault on public servants and is now in the Dallas County Jail under $350,000 bond.

Jack Fink, a CBS11 News reporter, conducted a jailhouse interview with Leguin last week. Leguin said he never intended to hurt anyone. He said he only wanted to bring attention to a broken America — a broken government and broken infrastructure. He “invaded” a gated community to illustrate the gap between “haves” and “have-nots,” he said.

“Just about everything in America is broken,” he told Fink.

Let us be clear: The only broken thing in this sad tale is Douglas Lee Leguin. He’s really talking about himself — a guy whose life became so empty that he used a firearm to gather an audience for his anti-American pronouncements.

This newspaper believes a lot of things are right about this community, our state and nation. We reject Leguin’s nihilism.

Americans are a charitable people who care about their neighbors. We respect our schools and our churches just as much as previous generations. We enjoy our families, our pets and our hobbies just as much as our forefathers did.

America is not, as Leguin suggests, going downhill. The country is continually evolving and changing. Yes, we have problems to solve, but we are not broken.

Leguin may have one point on which we can agree. All members of Congress, he said, need to be turned out of office in coming election cycles.

“They are inept and not helping us a bit,” he said.