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World still spinning after Trump Jr.'s speech at North Texas

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Denton Record-Chronicle Editorial

Donald Trump Jr. came to North Texas on Tuesday. He delivered a speech at AT&T Stadium. Then he went home. And the world continues spinning on its axis.

Everyone had their say.

University of North Texas faculty and students who politically oppose Trump Jr. and his family got to sign petitions chastising the university for inviting him to speak as part of the Kuehne Speaker Series. G. Brint Ryan had his say by shoving Trump Jr. down liberal throats.

An estimated 700 paying guests got to visit Jerry World and be part of an interesting and newsworthy event.

Most importantly, Trump Jr. got to deliver his speech -- an amalgam of support for his father's brand of nationalism and condemnation of those on our nation's campuses who try to silence speakers with whom they disagree.

All's well that ends well.