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Hugs and Shrugs: Audacity's closing, prepared meals and Caroline Booth

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Denton Record-Chronicle Editorial

Hug: We are sad about the announcement Audacity Brew House will be closing in November. We hoped Audacity, the first beer brewery to open in Denton, would be successful, and its success would spawn imitators, thereby creating a new and thriving industry. After all, what could be more popular than beer in a college town?

Shrug: The NAACP, a preeminent civil rights organization in the 1950s and '60s, is trying to up its profile with a campaign alleging American Airlines employees display a pattern of discrimination against black passengers. We beg to differ. American and its competitors feel justified and empowered to treat any customer badly no matter their race, ethnicity, age or gender.

Hug: We love grocery stores that are putting more emphasis on selling prepared meals customers can carry out and reheat at home or at work. Workers looking for lunch now have another alternative to the fast-food drive-through. You now find fresh-made sushi bars and steam tables with entrees and veggies in places such as Kroger, Target and Albertsons. It's a good trend in our hurry-up world.

Shrug: Left-wing extremists and anti-war activists gained control of the Democratic Party in 1972. The party lost touch with a majority of voters. U.S. Sen. George McGovern, the Democrat nominee for president that year, lost the election to Richard Nixon in a landslide. McGovern carried one state -- Massachusetts. Are we watching a mirror image of that scenario playing out in the Republican Party with right-wing extremists and culture warriors attempting to defeat moderate, business-minded incumbents the in 2018 GOP primaries?

Shrug: Have you ever been stuck in rush-hour traffic on Loop 288 between McKinney Street and Interstate 35E? It's a logjam every weekday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Lines of vehicles heading west on Loop 288 gingerly crawl along. Cars get trapped in intersections, impeding traffic crossing 288 on streets such as Colorado near Golden Triangle Mall. Is the problem just growth, or is there something our city traffic engineers can do to relieve the congestion?

Hug: If anyone could use a hug, it's Rosa Maria Hernandez. She's the 10-year-old girl who was on her way to the hospital in Corpus Christi when Border Patrol agents stopped her at a South Texas roadblock and determined her Mexican parents brought her into the U.S. illegally when she was a baby. Rosa Maria has cerebral palsy and needed an emergency gall bladder surgery when the border agents intercepted her. They followed her to the hospital in Corpus and are obligated by law to put her in a detention facility for possible deportation. Another example of children caught up in an adult world not of their making.

Hug: Caroline Booth, the city of Denton's economic development director, and her team jumped into the breach to keep Stoke going after the City Council canceled its management contract. Stoke is a specially equipped office to help new technology companies in Denton get a running start. Booth didn't hesitate to take on the additional responsibility while city government finds a new company to manage the offices on East Hickory Street across from the police department. Good for her and good for taxpayers.