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Some holiday treats best left behind

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Denton Record-Chronicle Editorial

Halloween is in the rearview mirror. Now come Thanksgiving and Christmas. Didn't we celebrate Christmas about two months ago? Sure seems like it.

If anything defines the approaching holiday season, it's food. And people can come up with some doozy dishes at this time of year.

Let us list some of the things that a good host or hostess should not put on the table during holiday drop-ins or family gatherings. This is our list. You can add to it or subtract from it.

First, no fruitcake adorned with candied fruit. Leave behind the mincemeat pie, carrots and peas, green bean casserole, oysters baked into a Yankee dressing, molded Jello with fruit or veggies suspended in it and candy corn in a crystal dish. We'll also pass on eggnog containing 1,000 calories in a 6-ounce serving.

This piece may sound a bit like the Grinch wrote it, but we wanted to have our say before confronting each and every one of these "no-no" dishes this holiday season. We'll smile, lie to our hosts about their treats and say, "Thank you."