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Colorful foliage soothes the soul

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Denton Record-Chronicle Editorial

Mass shootings, terrorists murdering New Yorkers and Denton clearing out a homeless encampment that presented a public health and safety threat.

It's enough to make you jump into bed, pull the covers over your head and never come out.

But here's some good news.

Look around you and witness the most colorful fall foliage in recent memory. The trees around Denton County are on fire. Reds, yellows, gold and oranges soothe the soul. Oak leaves turn a rich brown and mahogany.

Take to the open road and burn up some of that $2.19-a-gallon gasoline looking at fall colors. But don't wait too long. The change is happening quickly and the leaves will soon be fluttering to the ground.

Mother Nature's majesty is there for us when we need relief from troubling world events. We thank her for the handiwork.