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Just Hugs

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Denton Record-Chronicle Editorial

Texas singer-songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard once said, "I find I have my best days when I focus on my gratitude and not on my expectations."

This is wise advice.

Therefore, on this Thanksgiving Day, we depart from our standard "Hugs and Shrugs" format. Today we bring you only Hugs.

Every church in Denton, from smallest to largest, deserves a hug for the comfort they bring to the community.

The Denton Parks Foundation as it goes through trying times.

The Mean Green football team as it pursues a landmark season record of 11-3.

Every man and woman forced to fight off unwanted sexual advances of an aggressive pursuer.

Every patient forced to spend Thanksgiving Day in the hospital.

Drug addicts and alcoholics need hugs, but they really need a treatment plan.

Small-business owners struggling to navigate the digital era and adapt to an Amazon-dominated landscape.

The Confederate monument committee as it tries to solve the most vexing issue facing Denton's iconic Square.

Those who have lost loved ones in 2017 and will be without them for the first time during a holiday season.

Teachers who devote their professional lives to students.

United Way of Denton County, Salvation Army, Serve Denton, Cumberland Presbyterian Children's Home, First Refuge Ministries and all social service agencies that alleviate suffering among the poor.

Police officers and sheriff's deputies who protect and serve the public despite the danger.

Any elected official who puts common sense ahead of party affiliation.

Even President Donald Trump, a billionaire tough guy, deserves a hug today as he faces challenges throughout the nation and the world.