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Monument panel makes wise decision

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Denton Record-Chronicle Editorial

The Denton Record-Chronicle is a relentless crusader for open government. Government officials at all levels -- local, state and national -- must be constantly reminded their meetings should be conducted in public and that the records held in file cabinets and computers belong to the public.

We admit to squealing like a stuck pig when local governments violate the spirit or the letter of the Texas Public Information Act, which requires the public to be notified in advance about the time, day and date of public meetings. The law also presumes that government records, with a few exceptions, be available for public inspection.

Therefore, let us praise Denton County's Confederate monument committee for its wise decision to open its deliberations to the public. What to do, if anything, about the Confederate monument on the Square is an important issue in Denton.

The committee, led by businessman John Baines, is expected to make recommendations to Denton County Commissioners Court. It's important that interested members of the public learn how the committee's deliberations transpire in coming weeks.

The monument committee meets next at 9 a.m. Thursday in the 1896 Room on the third floor of the Courthouse on the Square.